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  1. VolAmerican


    From what I've read Dillione has been practicing at point, so just hopeful he pans out if that's the direction they plan to go with him. I don't disagree that they need to hit the portal for some help at PG.
  2. VolAmerican

    Julian Phillips Hypothetical

    I for one hope Phillips doesn't read this thread. Kids got loads of potential, just maybe needs another year to develop.
  3. VolAmerican

    Where was Awaka?

    I actually think playing Awaka made since in this game. We were outrebounded by 4 by a team who was smaller and quicker. Awaka has shown his rebounding abilities at times, and he is fairly quicker, probably even stronger than Plavsic or Aidoo. Pairing him with ON on the front line, may have...
  4. VolAmerican


    Hopefully Dillione becomes backup behind ZZ next year. I don't think Mashack did a bad job at the point, it's his lack of offensive production that I find more problematic. Other teams do not guard him close b/c he is not a reliable threat to score. Best defender, but we sometimes need another...
  5. VolAmerican

    Honestly, ready for some roster turnover

    When they guard Vescovi and James like they did last night and no one else steps up, that's unfortunately the result. How does Nkamhoua go from a 27-point performance against Duke to almost no offensive output? And Plavsic's antics on the court......, although I will say FA's big guy earned an...
  6. VolAmerican

    Bulletin Board Material

    If true, they are already making excuses in case they lose. Tennessee has been playing a physical brand of defense all year and just when we get to tourney time, they start really complaining about it. Also, making a plea to the refs to keep the Vols in check.
  7. VolAmerican

    ESPN gameday blaming refs for TN win

    Spot On. Bilas is just a whiner and has to make excuses for his team's loss. Yes, the Vol's played a physical brand of defense, but in no way was it "dirty".
  8. VolAmerican

    ESPN gameday blaming refs for TN win

    Anytime you beat a Blue Blood, you're going to step on somebody's toes. Outside of a couple of calls on Plavsic, I thought it was officiated well.
  9. VolAmerican

    Does Kentucky fire Cal?

    Cal's One and done method may get recruits, but it doesn't help them with continuity and playing as a team. Finding the right mix of players on the transfer market has escaped Cal as well. This is not to say KY hasn't had good talent, the team just hasn't seemed to mesh well. It goes without...
  10. VolAmerican

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    ON is going to have to play like he did against Duke. Teams focus on Vescovi quite a bit, and James is inconsistent at best. Hoping FA has an off night shooting the 3.
  11. VolAmerican

    UF major sports containment thread

    No argument here!
  12. VolAmerican

    Does Julian Phillips come back?

    At the first of the season, I would've said no but after watching him play, he could benefit greatly from another year. The NIL money is there, and he really needs to bulk up, and become a consistent scorer. Come on back Julian!
  13. VolAmerican

    Vols 4 seed vs Louisiana - Thursday 9:40 ET CBS

    The fact that Louisiana hasn't seen a defense like ours all year, will likely get us past the first round. Duke on the other hand is as beatable as they have been in years, but their inside game will definitely challenge us.
  14. VolAmerican

    Remember how bad Sal Sunseri was

    Not a memory I care to remember. That was back in the days of poor hires and incompetent people in the athletic department. Glad we've moved on.
  15. VolAmerican

    Poll: What happened to this team?

    Seemed like different reasons every game. If I could have voted 4 reasons, I would have. I left off free throw shooting which has plagued this team. We lost 2 games just off missed free throws at the end of the game.
  16. VolAmerican

    ESPN Computer Picks Vols Final Four

    If we play defensively like we did against Alabama and Arkansas then maybe, but the first time they slip up and have a bad defensive game, it's over.
  17. VolAmerican

    Ncaa at it again "Stop UT"!

    Talk about rule makers with way too much time on their hands. They should have put this one in the shredder.
  18. VolAmerican

    Bama Basketball

    Because unfortunately they value their wins and success over morals, right/wrong, justice for this poor girl.
  19. VolAmerican

    Bama BB shooting event per police report

    Wow! Just seeing this development. Many state's laws are different, but I can't believe they can't at least charge him with accessory to murder or felony murder since his actions did lead to the murder of this poor girl even though he didn't pull the trigger. Any other person not named Brandon...
  20. VolAmerican

    Everyone who can return next season should

    ON has his moments, but far to inconsistent. And Plavsic, well he's been a project since he got here. I think Estrella and Phillips will both be far better. No one's talking much about Phillips, but he's nasty around the goal and vastly underrated.

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