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  1. TheGoodStuff

    The Best Ever, Ever….

    Those are some impressive stats. Beat 3 of the last four national champs in two short tumultuous years
  2. TheGoodStuff

    The Best Ever, Ever….

    Do you love me? Yes Like the best ever? Yes Like Ever, Ever? Yeah
  3. TheGoodStuff

    Will Tayven Jackson be available in the Orange Bowl?

    Sure but I think he’ll be content getting paid handsomely while he watches and learns. Especially if he has any smarts.
  4. TheGoodStuff

    Didn't take Freeze long to start poaching players

    Please post a link for context… some may have no clue what you’re referring to. Ty
  5. TheGoodStuff

    Where do you stand on players opting out of post-season games (with no injuries) to "prepare for the draft"?

    If you’re getting good NIL money you better play. If not yet… well it’s a business/Life decision.
  6. TheGoodStuff

    NCAA Football Championship Can Now Be Bought by the Highest Bidder

    Yeah… and no…. Only half the team gettin payed. How do you think that works in n the locker room with the SRs and Jrs?
  7. TheGoodStuff

    South Carolina Fans Plan To

    Have you been to Sanford in Athens??? Probably 6 planes flew over UT/UG game this year… kind of crazy actually.
  8. TheGoodStuff

    Tennessee > Bama

    Yeah and what if it’s Bama or OSU backup vs Milton because Stroud and Young Declare for the draft?
  9. TheGoodStuff

    Tennessee > Bama

    The points about Hook being out making us less appealing to the committee is not too sound. A. Milton came in and looked good against Vandy. Put up some big offense. Not much let off. B. Will Bryce Young or CJ stroud even play postseason or are they going to sit for the draft?
  10. TheGoodStuff

    Final game of the season

    Meh… because we already own it. Don’t dignify Vandy by giving them that opportunity. Win or lose
  11. TheGoodStuff

    Heupel and head coaching decisions

    Yup. the real problem though imo is Srs and Jrs came on a promise for a scholly only. That was market value at the time. Limited reason to spend loads of NIL $$$ on the guys once you’ve already got them. Srs/Jrs share a locker room with Freshman and sophomores who are getting $$$ and schollys...
  12. TheGoodStuff

    Heupel and head coaching decisions

    Nice idea… have you ever had a crew of guys told their pay was confidential but it always seems to get out one way or another. People are curious and they want to make sure they are getting what they deserve.
  13. TheGoodStuff

    Enough of the negativity! What needs to happen for you to have some excitement headed into the 2023?

    TO the OP question. Milton playing solid and building some chemistry would be a huge glimmer of Hope. Possibly more importantly, the defense is embarrassed and comes out really playing tough. One or both will make for a pleasant offseason and hold the recruiting class together.
  14. TheGoodStuff

    Enough of the negativity! What needs to happen for you to have some excitement headed into the 2023?

    Yeah all that’s true… except UT didn’t just lose a little. They looked horrible Saturday. A complete dismantling by a mediocre team erases most of the good feelings. we’re gonna need a basis for hope In the last two games…
  15. TheGoodStuff


    I guarantee they’re being focused by coach or he gonna run em off the team. I know he try’s to create a family environment but the family wants to win
  16. TheGoodStuff

    NIL money is going to kill this sport

    In the short term yes probably. Long term? Nahh…it won’t cause any more problems than in the pros. Life is filled with disparity in income etc… The problem right now is Srs and Juniors didn’t get to compete on the open market. They now share a locker room with kids that are getting payed while...
  17. TheGoodStuff

    Joe time?

    Yeah… but I do t think the TN team we saw tonight shows up next week unless we have some real issues behind the scenes. I hope your very wrong and tonight was just UT getting punched in the mouth for reading too much of their own press.
  18. TheGoodStuff

    Joe time?

    I think Milton can get it done at vandy but our defense has to show up
  19. TheGoodStuff

    Top 5 loss in Tennessee history?

    Sadly this game is probably the biggest disappointment for me. Fan for 30+years. yeah 10-2 is a huge, amazing success if we win out but we literally laid a miserable egg tonight. We had such an easy path into the playoffs. I really hope there isn’t something more going on under the surface. I...
  20. TheGoodStuff

    Hooker injury

    Trash… Where is the dislike button?

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