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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Im in!! Cody Brown will fill Gray's position quite nicely. Kid is a stud.
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    ESPN's Chris Low reporting it's done

    Offense wasn't the problem that year. Stoops was told to make changes. (The other coordinator was also named Stoops) Wouldn't can his brother.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    So....after all the shock, getting excited about the hire. Positivity is spreading. Waiting for rug to be yanked again, Steele or Dykes might be at the podium.. Roller coaster is about to plunge in 3.2.1
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Not to be "that guy", but he did have a better last year than James Franklin, and I think Franklin woukd be a total homerun. 3 losses in year 3 a combined 7 points. Only one double digit loss in his career. I bleed orange, but remember we just had a losing streak to rival no other, all by...
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    Well, according to Austin Price and Brice, AD White is/was in Knoxville today. Maybe planes flying were just doing other things. If so, maybe we did come to terms with the 1st choice.....Hard to hope with BVS, but dang it, IM HOPING!!
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    I thought the same thing, more I messed with it, more it looked like them, lol. I AM NOT DOING THAT ANY LONGER.
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    Trying to enhance a bit. (Please, no TWSS, LOL)
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    Blocked Flight Leaving Knoxville for State College, Pennsylvania

    Not my first choice, but I do remember hating him like other schools hated Bruce Pearl and Lane Kiffin. I would probably feel better if he was in orange and the other fan bases hated him. Also, after the disgusting things that Penn St went through, I would assume he has been vetted in every way...
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    Post your coaching pick

    Chris Peterson. No buyout and proven coach. 80% wins. Never any ncaa trouble and truly liked by everyone he has worked with.
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    I hope it takes him all the way to Knoxville, lol. ( Wow, I can actually "hope" again.....been too long.
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    Probably to an extent, but would definitely want to know the specifics, or at least I'd think so. Rumors are the SEC intrigues him, and after a year away may be interested in giving it another go. 80% winning as a head coach, never any trouble, and an all around good person from all that have...
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    Chris Peterson is not a client. Huge fish, not just a big one. ;)
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    CFN Projects the Vols ranked 25th in the coaches poll

    The polls are fluid. This isn't September, its January, poll is to reflect the top 25 teams at this time, not 3 months ago. I believe UT is one of the best 25 teams playing now. Is there anyone that thinks Ga State would come into Neyland stadium next week and beat Tennessee? If coaches...
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    Official Jon Gruden thread XL

    Not to be “that guy”, but why the excitement over BV24? He’s been saying “done deal” for a while now, and has only 150 or so followers. Not a negagrude here, been around since 2012, like goat, lost my old account. Really wanting grude need.
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    Official Gruden Thread 39

    Verified fake? Really hope so, but would be a “Tennessee” thing to do.
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    Official Gruden Thread 39

    What the heck??? Report: Vols AD John Currie met with Jon Gruden as procedural move, 2 other candidates emerge
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    Maybe Lloyd Bridges’ character from Hot Shots. 😁
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread 34

    Am I the only one that feels “state run” media has a definite Mullen agenda? I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, but come on, stop trying the hard sell. I’m on the road 6 hours a day and unfortunately can’t keep up here, it’s spoon feeding out there.

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