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  1. john_deere123

    I like Bob (duck and cover)

    I was not a fan of his until they added Pat. He brings something outings Bob that I like
  2. john_deere123

    Fire all the SEC refs!

    And Gary goes berserk about how great a play the defender made. I lost my voice at that point.
  3. john_deere123

    Inept refs? Horse collars?

    On UF's last touchdown the replay shot clearly showed the offensive lineman with a handful of orange jersey. No call from the officials and Gary and co. ignored it.
  4. john_deere123

    Were you born into this or did you just decide to pick Tennessee

    Found it in 1992. Driving to a vand competition and scanning the radio. John Ward was my introduction to this Rollercoaster. And I love him for it.
  5. john_deere123

    Bama bias

    Put the office in Atlanta or Tampa.
  6. john_deere123

    Go FSU!!!!!!

    Mullen is gone. There was hope if they won today.
  7. john_deere123

    Go FSU!!!!!!

    Florida would not want to face us now.
  8. john_deere123

    The state of Tennessee football and the future

    Why is it so hard to understand? We didn't snitch, evidently someone with evidence was going to the NCAA. If we don't self report and fire Pruitt and Fulmer we could be hit with lack of institutional control. From what I have read Mims and Brumbaugh could have taken us down. For the count.
  9. john_deere123

    The Best Football HC We're Hired in 30 Years ...

    For 1 year and then on to his next "dream job."
  10. john_deere123

    The Best Football HC We're Hired in 30 Years ...

    What impression do you give the NCAA when you are under investigation for improper benefits to players then you hire a guy that got fired for the same thing?
  11. john_deere123


    It doesn't matter whether she admitted it publicly. If there was any chance the infractions could be reported to the NCAA by someone before we self reported we absolutely did the right thing getting in front of it.
  12. john_deere123


    What part of this equation do you not understand? The NCAA is going to be breathing down our necks for several years. We can not take the chance that Freeze will get us more scrutiny. Kiffin is a great coach, but he changes jobs like you change underwear. Like it or not, this is where we are as...
  13. john_deere123

    Hate to say this but UF has it right.

    Op is a typical gator troll, scared to death of who the next coach will be.
  14. john_deere123

    WTH is wrong with the people making decisions at UT?

    Are you listening to Jimmy Hyams?
  15. john_deere123

    Jarret Guarantano better than most vol fans think

    No turnovers? Didn't he throw a pick right after half time?
  16. john_deere123

    I don't think some of you get it

    You do realize that our whole offense was the "B" team, right?
  17. john_deere123

    prayers please. ...

    Prayers sent.
  18. john_deere123

    replay official

    He could have let his knee touch and the play would have been dead. He knew the ball was coming out. He already had the first down. But he kept pushing forward and should have lost possession. The replay officials blew that one badly.

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