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  1. HollowaytoSeivers

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    I would settle for consistent shooters in this recruiting class.
  2. HollowaytoSeivers

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    Getting out hustled on rebounding is what's really bugging me tonight. At least half of being just a decent rebounder is expecting a missed shot and then going after it when it happens. FAU is doing that.
  3. HollowaytoSeivers

    Playlist - Walk up Songs

    It just shows he's got good taste in music.😉
  4. HollowaytoSeivers

    Does Kentucky fire Cal?

    Hard to say which group could raise more money. :rolleyes:
  5. HollowaytoSeivers

    The Official Western Carolina @ Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. 3/21 6:30PM EST) SECNET+

    I believe its literal translation is "Cat of the Mountain," which feathersax emphasized with proper visual effects
  6. HollowaytoSeivers

    Does Kentucky fire Cal?

    I said this weeks ago; the only way UK gets rid of Cal is to declare him dead.
  7. HollowaytoSeivers

    Bama DB arrested

    Parole Tide
  8. HollowaytoSeivers

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

    What was the over/under for showing Filipowski's face after the cut in the first half? It gotta be higher than his uniform number, 30. Having said that, great defensive effort, off to MSG and the Sweet 16.
  9. HollowaytoSeivers

    Fox Sports early top 25

    I've missed something somewhere, can I get an explanation please? :oops:
  10. HollowaytoSeivers

    Who is your favorite modern day and legacy BaseVol?

    May that be a bug that he never gets over. ;)
  11. HollowaytoSeivers

    Geno the HYPOCRITE.....

    He's a duck? Maybe a desk? Perhaps a disk? Wait a minute, I've got it......a dork. That's it! ;)
  12. HollowaytoSeivers

    Jim Boeheim retires

    I really didn't have a strong opinion about him one way or the other, but I was glad he got an NC in 2003 with Carmelo. I do remember a memorable quote regarding Coach Boeheim in a book written by John Feinstein in the late 80s. A media friend of Feinstein's was quoted in the book as saying...
  13. HollowaytoSeivers

    Byron Young flying

    John Madden always preferred seeing the 40 times of players in full pads, which makes sense to me as well. That's what they'll be wearing when chasing someone down or outrunning an opponent.
  14. HollowaytoSeivers

    Most hated

    ND likely dropped after Big Game Brian left for LSU. Marcus Freeman hasn't done anything to make anyone hate ND any more than most do already. The exception, of course, would be BaseVols fans after last June.
  15. HollowaytoSeivers

    Maui is free!

    In all honesty, a major symptom of BVS is Mike Hamilton-itis. The side effects linger for a very long time. Hart Attacks and Currie-17 can be overcome with copious amounts of potent potables.

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