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    *****Pruitt post game comments

    It looks like we finally have us a football team!
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    New Coaching Search???

    Holly needs to go, you can`t lose 3 in a row with the talent she has got, we will never win a NC with Holly coaching!
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    Fumble review?

    They also missed 2 targeting calls!
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    Darrin Kirkland Transferring

    If he don`t want to be here...I don`t want him!
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    Pete Thamel: biggest losers = Tennessee

    I like the assistant coaches Pruitt has hired! Assistant COACHES MAKE OR BREAK a head coach!
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    BREAKING: Dave Doeren staying at NC State

    That is good news...Bring on Tee Martin!
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    Matthew Butler doesn't look like a freshman

    We may have found our next Barnett.
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    D. Mixon suspended indefinitely

    Like me...I can resist anything but temptation.
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    Deandre Johnson committed!

    We have a 1 in 127 chance of winning the national championship, and they all want to do the same thing
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    Caption this photo...

    You girls sit down, your making me look short.
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    Brick By Brick

    I could care less what kiffin says, does, or thinks.
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    Deandre Johnson committed!

    Butch has an eye for talent. He signed a 2* offensive lineman @ Western Michigan who made all American & was a first rounder in the NFL.
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    Deandre Johnson committed!

    More like the top 10.
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    Clemson commits Tee Higgins, Amari Rodgers to team up in Under Armour game

    Tee didn`t just leave his home state, he left his home town. So feel free to bash him if you want to.
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    2017 Starting QB: Dormady or Guarantano?

    JG`s throws are accurate, the problem is that he has a cannon for an arm and the receivers say you don`t just catch his passes you try to survive them.
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    Obligatory "who is next" thread

    T J Moore, Breon Dixon, & Jaylen Harris
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    Anybody else see the LaTroy Lewis piece on GoVols247?

    If you want to play, you have to brown nose the coach.
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    What Top Tier Coaches Would Come To Tennessee Right Now ?

    How many other teams are beating Bama and Florida?
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    What Top Tier Coaches Would Come To Tennessee Right Now ?

    I remember when we were a top tier program to. Then we started firing & hiring coaches & hit rock bottom. Butch has brought in better athletes & we are starting to WIN again. Do you really want to start over?

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