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  1. thunder5

    '24 MS DL Kamarion Franklin

    I’m tempted to call this hyperbole…except I think you actually mean for it to be taken seriously
  2. thunder5

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    Well…if he’s Cooter the second then he’s definitely coming here
  3. thunder5

    Vols offense looked at as gimmick

    I know some of you like the NFL but personally I don’t give two craps about it…I barely watch it anymore…so to see two hacks berate our offense in terms of how it translates to the NFL means nothing to me… Our offense works tremendously at the college level…which is the only level I’m concerned...
  4. thunder5

    Vols offense looked at as gimmick

    This is hilarious to me…is it gimmicky? I don’t know…I don’t think so…but even if it is then who cares? Is your team stopping it? If your team is UGA then yes…for now…otherwise the answer is absolutely not… They can call it a gimmick all day while we score TD after TD on them…yep, there goes...
  5. thunder5

    VFLs cashed in today

    I hope it’s the biggest OG contract in NFL history…I don’t think it would be a bad investment…I’ve had my fingers crossed for him ever since his health issues surfaced…looks like he’s going to get that big payday finally
  6. thunder5

    VFLs cashed in today

    Dudes gonna get paid after that…I think that’s the end of the rookie contract limits for him… I’m watching Trey Smith in that regards as well…that dude is going to make so much money once his rookie contract is up
  7. thunder5

    Saban is against the 2 minute offense

    I'm not going to go so far as to say Saban doesn't give a s*** about player safety...but I am absolutely certain it's not the primary, secondary or even tertiary reason he wants to see these rule changes... He really has come off as a petulant little brat's not as easy to win as it...
  8. thunder5

    Jeremy Banks day 1 pick?

    Aaron Beasley
  9. thunder5

    Jeremy Banks day 1 pick?

    You nailed it with the first issue…pass coverage… NFL teams are somewhat concerned with the off field stuff but if a dude can play they’ll take a chance…his flaws in pass coverage will make him a day 3 pick IMO
  10. thunder5


    I just get cracked up at kids who claim to be sub-4.3 coming out of HS then 4+ years in a college S&C program…which is geared as much toward speed as strength…and they’re 4.4 at the combine
  11. thunder5


    I’m very surprised…especially after his big talk about 4.29 in HS…did he get slower? 😂😂
  12. thunder5

    UT Swimmer Jordan Crooks Becomes 2nd Collegiate Swimmer to Swim 50y Under 18 Seconds

    No doubt…it’s always funny to me to see some of the guys get well past the halfway point just from their push
  13. thunder5

    Saban isn't about to roll up in something less flashy than his players.

    Seriously? You've never heard what some men use cars to overcompensate for?
  14. thunder5

    Trey Smith for SB MVP!!!

    I bet he’d settle for a restructured contract that pays him what he’s actually worth
  15. thunder5

    '24 TN TE Cameron Clark

    He’s from funky, cold Medina…I like it 😎
  16. thunder5

    '24 MO TE Jaden Reddell

    It’s Peculiar where he’s from
  17. thunder5

    Kevin Steele is Bama’s DC

    I was hoping it would be Beldar…I really wanted to see us light him up a few times before he got fired for not being able to stop us… The only thing I would like to see more than that is an OOC game against Arkansas St.

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