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  1. Tigervol


    Updated story on Young and Anderson’s comments on why they decided to play. Not a Bama fan at all but like their comments and think if you claim during the year it’s about the team, the “love” for each other, then stand by those comments. Otherwise, just don’t comment on all that stuff when...
  2. Tigervol


    I agree, the players talk about all the “love” they have for each other and how they play for each other, then that quickly becomes about me only. Just saying!
  3. Tigervol


    What are your thoughts that Bryce Young and Will Anderson are opting to play in the Sugar Bowl, but Hyatt is opting out? It’s been exciting to watch the success we’ve had and then feel a bit disappointment when our star WR won’t be playing. Young and Anderson are projected top 5 picks. Are...
  4. Tigervol

    ‘23 JUCO OT Larry Johnson III ( Tennessee commit)

    Fullback on Goal Line or 4th and short plays to push Milton across the line!
  5. Tigervol

    If you could steal a player…

    Chad Powers - Penn State!
  6. Tigervol

    Alternative ways to help Joe Milton take a little off his long ball.

    Tape two of his fingers together (less grip) and put helium in our game balls for better hang time!
  7. Tigervol

    Offensive Coordinator candidates

    Agree with several post that it’s Heupel’s offense everyone else is support. I’d backfill with a great recruiter and knows their role in the system, they ain’t calling the plays…Maybe some suggestions here and ther😎
  8. Tigervol

    Orange bowl travel packages?

    Flights are filling fast from BNA. I’m driving down with my son that spends the winter in Miami area and one-way flight back from FLL, was fortunate and had some Delta miles to use!
  9. Tigervol

    Time to Pay up

    With the latest addition of Hugh Freeze to the SEC, Heupel is way under paid for what he has done in 2 short years. We are no longer hoping or thinking maybe he can bring us back to top 10 football and the opportunity to compete with the elite, he has done it. I think he should be around the...
  10. Tigervol

    Orange Bowl Opt Outs?

    Hyatt and Tillman are the only two I think are at risk of hurting their draft order…
  11. Tigervol

    Orange Bowl Roll Call

    Fort Lauderdale are and Lauderdale by the Sea are great place to visit if you’ve never been. The Stadium is between MIA And FLL airports so staying in FLL area is fine.
  12. Tigervol

    Offensive Coordinator candidates

    The good news, we aren’t freaking out that our OC is leaving because Heup is the brains behind the machine!
  13. Tigervol

    CFP Committee 5 Criteria - time for Danny to do what Danny does

    Agree it was a blowout loss, but isn’t part of the criteria outlined by the OP; Wins and Losses are the main thing then tie breakers like say the NFL. We got ripped off my the Committee .
  14. Tigervol

    Hyatt pro or not

    He gone!
  15. Tigervol

    Will you support the SEC in the playoff or pull for another school?

    Nooooooo! Any SEC team other than us in Bowl games only helps their recruiting. We want the recruits we compete with to see us as better, so Georgia winning another title hurts us big time. So, we need to win our game and show case the #1 offense in the nation!!!
  16. Tigervol

    Vols vs Knights in Cotton Bowl? $$$

    Not sure the CFP thinks that deep, Bama should be below us period. We are 2nd in the SEC based off overall record and head to head games.
  17. Tigervol

    Final Stats

    But the committee says it’s total body of work! Those stats mean nothing to them! They should be bound by strict guidelines on data first then they break a tie afterwards. This is why we are higher than Penn State
  18. Tigervol

    Help it make sense!!

    Can’t wait for the 12 team playoff, these committees are stupid and each league doesn’t use them, it’s division play, head to head etc to determine the team that goes to their championship. Maybe if it was a comparison to us and Penn State. Not as easy to give a final ranking, but when the...
  19. Tigervol

    Jump Bama or not

    Awesome piece of research and data you shared! And then there’s the bogus “style” points the CFP committee makes up; like we are in a synchronized swimming competition that will likely bite us!
  20. Tigervol

    I’m hoping TCU & USC win out now

    We should be higher ranked than Bama now, SEC shows us number 2 in the league based off WIn/Loss and head to head competition, but your point is the CFP uses “style” points as if we are in a synchronized swimming competition!

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