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    For The Love of God…

    Herbstreit says no one could have imagined this. I think every coach, player and fan in the SEC warned you about this early on.
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    For The Love of God…

    Congratulations NCAA. Maybe your sponsors won't demand too much of a refund when no one watches the second half.
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    Back in the bracket

    Creme has us a 10 seed in his latest bracketology playing against Illinois in the first round. Second round: UConn at Storrs.
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    It's GREAT

    It's great!
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    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    And here I thought it was just another lousy production by ESPN. I thought maybe they pointed their mikes toward the stadium and not the announcers' booth. The noise simply drowned out the announcers. The parts I did hear from that crew was all about food. That's the second time I heard that...
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    We Lost Because

    Blitz, blitz, blitz. I know there are risks whenever you blitz, but SC was scoring touchdowns on every series they had anyway. It couldn't have been any worse if we'd try to blitz more. We need a defense that is aggressive as our offense. When we rushed five against Richardson on that last play...
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    Alabama fan fired after tweeting he was 'glad' receiver struck female Tennessee fan

    "He should've knocked her head off" is a Bible verse?
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    Endless Self- Promoting Network
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    Neyland seating and ticket ?

    Never had any problems with vivid seats or stubhub. Although the handling fees seem to go up every year. In my personal opinion, FF row 5 are great seats. But you're asking someone who has probably sat in the lower bowl only a half a dozen of times in the last 40 years of attending UT games.
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    Fire Pruitt tonight

    Maybe Alontae Taylor would not have blown it in regulation if Pruitt had sent the house on the third down. We continue to rush three late in the game we continue to give up last-second miracles. See Georgia and Florida (twice). Put pressure on the QB where he doesn't have time to get off a long...
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    Europe Trip

    Link to facebook site?
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    Evina Comment

    Being a drunk *******.
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    Holly has a jersey hanging in the rafters. She is here until she retires.

    Fulmer has a street named after him, and he got fired.
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    The Greens impressed me the most.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols vs Alabama

    Please check your date and time.
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    Herbstreit again

    It was not the social media firestorm that stopped the Schiano hire. Currie wasn't even following the internet on his flight to Ohio. He was too busy on his phone being cursed at by a handful of boosters not named Haslam. With the exception of media nuts who just want to gain attention - like...
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    The president of the NCAA rips Tennessee over incompetence

    Isn't the head of the NCAA criticizing the Tennessee program giving all of the other schools across the nation a recruiting advantage? We should sue him and the NCAA for breaking their own rules.
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    So Phil is the leak that crushed the Schiano deal?

    I know I'm getting old and my memory sometimes fails me, but I remember that episode well. There were two open dates sandwiched in there somewhere. So the Vol faithful had to endure a 5-week span of a 3-game losing streak.
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    Clear something up for me please.....

    Haslam is not going to prison. That verdict has already been bought and paid for.

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