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  1. LittleVol

    '24 MS DL Kamarion Franklin

    Exactly right
  2. LittleVol

    '26 TN ATH Tyreek King

    No. There's more kids maturing quicker than they should these days Devrin Young Demetrius Howard Dorian Banks and many many more. Stop trying to find ways to criticize me, and actually just try ask where I'm coming from, perhaps. If you don't like me, then just stop interacting. I have a...
  3. LittleVol

    '26 TN ATH Tyreek King

    I'm almost always cautious of hyping up 8th grader or 9th graders that get college offers. Or they get awarded freshman all-american or something like that. Seeing this kid's tape. I have no worries. He's going to be a player that actually improves. He's lanky, runs a little clumsily, but then...
  4. LittleVol

    '25 KY QB Cutter Boley

    where is he now?
  5. LittleVol

    '24 FL RB Jerrick Gibson

    Seriously? He's a year younger than Jalin Hyatt lol
  6. LittleVol

    Trey Smith! Beast Mode! WOW!

    Geez. Literally laid the "smackdown"!
  7. LittleVol

    Spring Practice #3

  8. LittleVol

    '24 FL RB Jerrick Gibson

    This kid is like a smaller James Wilder Jr. He looks like Hercules and runs hard. But he runs 4.7 at best.... Not a top 100 player imo. Lewis from VA is definitely a take over him.
  9. LittleVol

    Detroit Signing Vols

    Terry Fair, one of the most underrated Tennessee Vols of all time!
  10. LittleVol

    Detroit Signing Vols

    He'll be a very productive NFL player.
  11. LittleVol

    Vols Spring Practice #2

    Yeah. Honestly think he's going to be a team captain by sophomore year or definitely junior year.
  12. LittleVol

    '24 TN LB Edwin Spillman

  13. LittleVol

    Vols Spring Practice #2

    It won't matter really as much as some think Because we play 4 guys almost equally. But I think it will be Carter. He's so smart and so talented. Would have had a chance to start at Bama as a freshman too.
  14. LittleVol

    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon (Tennessee Commit)

    I'll take it!
  15. LittleVol

    Transfer wide receiver commits to Tennessee - Dont'e Thornton-

    Again, He scored 3 TDs this season where he had to make guys miss to score. He improved a lot with his strength, feet, and lateral movement. Stands to reason he could continue that improvement in those areas. Even if he didn't, you are missing the point of having an accurate QB in the NFL...
  16. LittleVol

    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon (Tennessee Commit)

    Whitney Lewis. Anyone remember that name? 5 star athlete out of California back in 2002. Seldon has that same crazy athleticism as he did.
  17. LittleVol

    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    No... It doesn't haha. Why didn't you mention the rookie Pittsburgh Steelers WR from UGA? He's clearly been developed. But you saying Hyatt only knows 4 routes is just wrong factually speaking.
  18. LittleVol

    War in Ukraine

    Ruined in what way? Perception? 😅. Wgaf what the rest of the world thinks?? We'll still kick any country's assor destroy it if need be.
  19. LittleVol

    That's racist!

    Racism makes us all unique ❤

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