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    May I also add that Anne Murray has long been a favorite of ours. We love to hear her sing “Could I Have This Dance” .
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    GameTime,my heart aches for you as you share these memories with us. Your bride was a very special lady and it is wonderful that you two shared a special love. My sweetheart of sixty years has battled the big C and thanks to the LORD she is in remission. Let your memories help sustain you. GOD...
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    For those who don't have ESPNU, but want to see the Tennessee-LSU game on demand

    Smallvol,I hope you are feeling better in your recuperation period. I have Spectrum cable and the ESPN app. On the app when you hit”watch” it shows on demand streaming and both the LSU game and the South Carolina games are listed. I can access both. Is that what you tried? Also I have both...
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    The Morning After

    When I woke up this morning Lady Vols were on my mind Lady Vols were on my mind I’ve got victory For a new memory I’ve got more heights to find So when I woke up this morning Lady Vols were on my mind With apologies to We Five and a shout out to CreekDipper, Lady Vol fan euphoria is good to...
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    Is this a commit (Finley Chastain)

    Celina,Texas —- Dallas suburb,I believe.
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    Best wishes to you,Smallvol, I hope your recuperation goes very well.GOD BLESS you and your family. Have missed seeing your posts on here more often and I fear that’s caused by the negativity. Again best wishes on a quick and full recovery!
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    Baffled about Lady Vols

    Thank you Coach Jumper for your reasoned response. I think you and I are not far apart in our thoughts. And thanks to everyone else for your replies. You are the reason this board is great!
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    Baffled about Lady Vols

    Well,here we are after fifty plus posts and only one,Jax Vol, has deigned to answer the posed questions. It quickly became another forum to lament the coaching staff. Does this mean that everyone echoes Jax’s answers? Surely there are more thoughts out there. Some of his excuses don’t hold...
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    Baffled about Lady Vols

    Read no other threads before posting. Just wanted to know if others saw what I did. Thanks for checking.
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    Baffled about Lady Vols

    In last night’s closing minutes of regulation,why was an erratic point guard with no size taking two of their last three shot attempts including one where she attacked taller players on a drive into the lane? Where was the defense against players not as touted? Where was JH? Was she injured? I...
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols vs. Ole Miss; Thurs Feb 2nd @ 6:30PM; SECN+

    Wow! I did not see Kellie very much tonight. Actually thought I was seeing the Coach Yo Show with all announcers pumping her and Ole Miss,
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols at No. 4/3 LSU; 7PM; ESPN2

    Amby, the discrepancy in free throw attempts in this game mostly occurred because when LSU took the ball into the lane fouls were called and on the other end of the floor when Lady Vols went into the lane whistles were swallowed. Call it whatever you want, but home court bias is prevalent. A lot...
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols at No. 4/3 LSU; 7PM; ESPN2

    Big disparity especially when lsu was pushing.shoving.hacking and just plain knocking players around. There is home team bias at every venue except Tennessee( men and women both). Almost like playing on the road always. RJ and JH are probably one solid bruise each. To me,though,Lady Vols have no...
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    2023 Recruiting

    Looks like a ”pure shooter” such as UConn guard that torched Lady Vols. Not many of those out there,might be worth a look. She also moved well on defense,but who knows level of competition.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols v Georgia: Sun 1PM @ TBA; SEC-network

    That’s right,but an ugly win is much better than a pretty loss. In watching the game I thought Georgia team was holding and swatting Lady Vol arms a lot along with moving screens on many plays. And I do believe that Jordan Horston is playing hurt. Looks like she has an ankle problem to me...
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    Demon Line

    Thanks,VollyParton, but I’ m way past being a kid except in my mind!
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    Demon Line

    As in three point demons—- watch the nets sizzle!
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    Tough loss at Maples!

    How low can you go? Denigration and innuendo pertaining to a woman that you don’t agree with are part of your modus operandi.
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    Tough loss at Maples!

    Today I saw our much maligned coach go toe to toe with a hall of fame coach and show exactly what a coach and competitor she is. If her players had hit some of the short shots they missed and the officials hadn’t swallowed their whistles in the fourth quarter, our Lady Vols might have pulled off...

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