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    2023 Transfer Portal

    Pretty much all of those guys you mentioned played out of necessity, or were very good defenders. Even with ZZ down, we had options at the point, and to this point in his career, Edwards is not a great defender. That's not surprising for a freshman at all. He got some minutes in some big games...
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    Honestly, ready for some roster turnover

    4 players including Dilione (who was a part of that class), plus Jefferson redshirted this year, but was a top 50 guy. The talent will certainly still be there.
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    Honestly, ready for some roster turnover

    Our 3 best defenders with Mashack, ZZ, and Aidoo are back, plus Phillips if he comes back. ON and Key weren't particularly good on defense. Santi and Jo were good and will be missed from that point of view. I guess it'll depend on how Edwards, Jefferson, and Dilione look assuming they are all in...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    Man FAU is a bunch of low class punks. And world class floppers as well. Not a great way to end the season, but a good season overall. Needed ZZ in this game, just didn't have anyone that could create off the dribble except for Mashack. ON was a no show after a career game. Key and Jo just...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    At least the refs have decided to make it obvious.
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    Legit the worst referring I've seen in forever. They travel almost ever time, their big guy sets several illegal screens (and flops a lot), they have two fouls called on them in one 12 minutes this half.
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    Vols Spring Practice #1

    Christian Charles being back with the safeties is a nice sight to see.
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    Next Year

    Dilione is just going to be a redshirt freshman given he didn't play this year. Everyone but Key can come back, but I don't think any of them will come back. I expect Edwards to stay put. He should have a rotational role next year. Particularly given ZZ might not be fully ready for the...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

    I keep saying this over and over. If he would just take a step or two in, these shots would be much easier.
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    Mashack has some March in him

    His offense has really started to turn the corner, but the guy just continues to be one the best defenders I've seen in the college game. He was only credited with 2 steal, but I saw 4 in the first half that he directly caused to be turnovers/steals. He made #0's life miserable for 40 minutes.
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    That first call you are talking about was wild. At no point in that scrum did a Louisiana player actually touch the ball and they called a jump ball. Not that Uros shooting free throws is much help, but still better than that.
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    Do we have another PG in the pipeline?

    I believe BJE can be a solid PG option in time. Same with Dilione, even if he's more of a combo guard. Plus we'll have ZZ back next year as well. It's also hard not to note how much better Mashack has gotten at running point. The guy wouldn't even look at the basket last year, now he was...
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    BTO’s Louisiana NCAAT Postgame Report

    I thought Uros and Aidoo played pretty well. They combined for 7-10 and 15 points, plus 8 rebounds and Aidoo had a steal and 2 blocks. I will certainly take that production. If people are going to face guard Santi to no end, then others will have to show up. Mashack did yesterday, Key played...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #13 Louisiana NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:40 PM ET, CBS

    Maybe there is something about starting Uros. Just kind of gives us a spark from the jump.
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    What Former Volunteer Basketball Player Would You Add To This Roster For A Deep Tournament Run?

    On this particular team I'm going with a PG, so either Chandler or CJ Watson. Maybe Dale Ellis as he could certainly score in bunches.
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    Does Julian Phillips come back?

    I have not seen him in many mocks, and a couple of the ones I saw him in were in the 50s. I think he should certainly come back, as I think he would be a lottery pick if he could average mid 30s at least from 3. Needs to improve his handle to create more for himself off the dribble. He certainly...
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    Current Roster Details

    And most of them are transfers
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    The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Also, don't blame the offense for this one. We're shooting 49% from the field and 50% from 3. Turnovers (which at least several have come from flat out missed calls) are the biggest reason, sent the defense has not been good today at all.
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    The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    The biggest bunch of babies I've ever seen, my goodness. Reminiscent of Memphis when we played them at Memphis like 4 years ago.

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