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  1. B-17 Pilot

    Hooker loses Maxwell Award to Williams

    How about Jim Maxwell?? 😜
  2. B-17 Pilot

    Hooker loses Maxwell Award to Williams

    The Swamprat! πŸ‘πŸˆπŸ§‘
  3. B-17 Pilot

    Getting ready for Saturday -- what's good food for tailgating at home?

    I’m gett’n ready for a lobster roll and some clams! Gin & tonics will add to the party! πŸŽ‰πŸ§‘πŸˆπŸ₯ƒπŸΊπŸ‘
  4. B-17 Pilot

    UK is a dangerous game.

    Agree 100%!! We can’t overlook anyone remaining on our schedule!! We can really celebrate after our bowl game(s)! πŸ‘πŸ§‘πŸˆπŸ§‘
  5. B-17 Pilot

    The reality of our program

    Great post! I’ve been a Vol fan since 1965 and concur with you 100%! I love the passion that is UT football but I strongly feel that that passion needs to be channeled in a positive way. Calling for new QB’s and coaches after a game or two is ludicrous!
  6. B-17 Pilot

    Official: Danny White hired as AD

    Welcome aboard Danny White! We are confident in you and your ability to get us back to competing for SEC Championships!
  7. B-17 Pilot

    Coming to Neyland this Fall, any chance for the "full experience"?

    Hey Volforfootball! My name is Mike and I took my three buddies to the Vol - Bama game in 2018. We rented a houseboat on the river right down from Calhouns Bar. We had an absolute blast!! You can find the boat listing on the AirBnB site. We had six guys and rented it out all weekend! The 2...
  8. B-17 Pilot

    2019-2020 HC Searching Thread

    With all due respect, I just don't see the merit of a post like this!! Is this season a disappointment - YES! Do we seem to be going in the right direction. . .?? I think we are! I for one am just tired of seeing posts concerning getting rid of a coach. Hell, it always sets a team back a...
  9. B-17 Pilot

    Favorite Vol Player of All Time

    Peyton Manning, Richmond Flowers, Dewey Warren
  10. B-17 Pilot

    Offensive coordinator search thread

    I live here in College Park and Matt Canada has done a stellar job for Maryland in an absolute "no win" horrible situation. He has done a great job keeping the kids motivated and also seems to promote a balanced attack - although they have much more success running the ball than passing it!
  11. B-17 Pilot

    2018 Bama game roll call, who is going?

    We will certainly stay all 4 quarters!! With a 3:30 game, there will still be plenty of time to Par-tay on the river with the Vol Navy!!
  12. B-17 Pilot

    2018 Bama game roll call, who is going?

    Our annual college road trip is coming to the Vol-Bama game this weekend!! The atmosphere should be electric - at least for awhile!
  13. B-17 Pilot

    Tailgate for UT-Bama

    Hey Brett, My name is Mike and we too are having our annual guys trip (6) to Knoxville to watch the Tide! drop me an email at Will tell you what we have planned. . .!! We plan to be a part of the Vol Navy on the water!! Go Vols
  14. B-17 Pilot

    UT History

    I like this post! You are right saying football changes through the decades. I have been a diehard Vol fan since I was 15 in 1965! During my College years of 1968-1972, Tennessee was indeed relevant! They won 8-10 games every year and always was right up there in SEC standings. The key here...
  15. B-17 Pilot

    If Things Seem Like They Haven't Changed Much...Numbers Don't Lie!

    Awesome post!! I would much rather see an analytical post like this as compared to a rant that just says fire the coach!
  16. B-17 Pilot


    I too have always liked the double stripe on the pants! Agree with you also on the orange around the collar. Keep the collar white and do an orange cuff around the sleeves. I would also like to at least see the Smokey Grey jerseys used once in a while, but keep the white helmet! See you at...
  17. B-17 Pilot

    Not Impressed - Florida

    Don’t bet on Florida being favored!!
  18. B-17 Pilot

    Watching the tape in slow-mo...

    This is the kind of post we need on here rather than those that just rant and complain. . .after ONE game against a very high caliber opponent!

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