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    Knoxville radio

    Thank you for the advice. I never really thought about turning it off. The more you know.
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    Knoxville radio

    That’s what I’m saying. This guy is mad about us saying something negative about our local media but it’s okay for them to talk about our local teams. I’m not perfect by no means, and I do get judged by my performance on my 9-5. It’s just certain local media think they’re are so much more than...
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    The Legend of Doug Atkins.

    Here’s a little story about the mythical Doug Atkins. My dad was a local pastor here in Knoxville in the early 90’s. Mr.Atkins started visiting regularly. I was in middle school at the time. He would pass out signed bears and Tennessee cards from himself every Sunday. I still have the ones he...
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    Knoxville radio

    Will was great! Crazy how much that show has gotten worse since him and Eric left.
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    Knoxville radio

    Tyler brings it on himself. He talks in the third person constantly. Way over the top and just blatantly stretches the truth constantly. And the media talk about athletes all the time so we can talk about the media. Local or not.
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    Knoxville radio

    Basilio is head and shoulders better than anything else in Knoxville radio.
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    Knoxville radio

    I hope Jon Reed’s show is not their best. It can be funny at times but man it’s really hard to listen to. Jon Reed acts like a third grader and argues every little thing that comes out of his cohost mouth. It doesn’t matter who it is. I have two kids that do the same thing everyday when they’re...
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    Knoxville radio

    I know their has been a million posts about Knoxville radio but fanrun is the worse. The early show should be called nonfan radio. The owner talks crap nonstop about Barnes and so do his minions. Drives me crazy. Barnes keeps us in the top ten year in year out but it’s still not good enough...
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    Brett Mcmurphy bowl prediction for UT

    Brett Mcmurphy has Tennessee playing Oregon in the Las Vegas bowl December 17.
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    Predict the spread vs Florida

    Florida -24 1/2
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    White cleats are back

    Looks like we’re back to the white cleats per Harrison Bailey’s ig story. Looks sharp!
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    Oklahoma youtuber sounds off on Heupel

    I mean he did it at Mizzou. Led the league in offense in 2017. I know he was only the OC but he’ll be doing the same thing here
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    Stability of staff.

    Where has Niedermeyer been? Haven’t seen him on twitter retweeting or liking any of the new signees. Really don’t want to lose the moose.

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