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  1. ThePriceofGas

    Post your Small Business Info HERE!

    @barknoxbrawler do any work in north Alabama?
  2. ThePriceofGas

    Has anyone heard this story? #2

    This is one of those I know a guy that knows a guy stories. I don't get on much during the off season but I was told this story after the game Saturday and thought I would see if anyone could validate. I was told Pruitt's dad went to a practice (wasn't sure if it was spring or fall) only...
  3. ThePriceofGas

    *****Pick the score contest Georgia State

    Vols:33 GS:13 Pass:180
  4. ThePriceofGas

    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    Get out of here with this garbage! Saban didn't like what he saw all year. :eek: You are full of it. Go back and look at your record and scores from each game last year. There is not a coach in the country that would not have wanted those results. Oh well maybe with these great new coaches...
  5. ThePriceofGas

    Are we Sitting on the OC hire in fear of running off recruits?

    My gut tells me if he has truly made a decision and has not announced yet then most of us will feel it's a let down hire. I cant imagine if its a home run hire they wouldn't have already been announced. I'm not sure we are in on any top offensive guys but you would think CJP would want them...
  6. ThePriceofGas

    Cam Sutton getting his first start

    Great news for a young man that is obviously putting in the work if he is getting a start on a great football team. Lots of choices for NFL teams to sign players in the NFL so if he is getting a shot they see something. I hope he makes the best of his opportunity.
  7. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLIV

    Way too busy at work today to keep up. I take it Gruden coming is dead?
  8. ThePriceofGas

    Lane Kiffin will be leaked as coach tomorrow

    Who else do people expect to get right now? If not Gruden then who? I'm for Lane right now.
  9. ThePriceofGas

    Official Lane Kiffin thread 1

    Since Lane is always on Twitter it would be hilarious (to me at least) if Tweeted this to UT.
  10. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread XLIV

    So serious question, why, if all of the "betraying" is true, don't the big money boosters that had Gruden lined up just say no more money at all until Currie is gone and Gruden is here? If its all true then it should be easy to do. I know if I was straight up lied to it would be easy for me to...
  11. ThePriceofGas

    Official Lane Kiffin thread 1

    He is 77 soon to be 78. :ermm:
  12. ThePriceofGas

    How about Peyton HC??

    Heck why not Steve Spurrier he wanted the job many moons ago.:P
  13. ThePriceofGas

    Boosters calling for Currie to resign

    So I thought a deal was made where research money was going to Knoxville in exchange for Grudens hire? Was the chancellor not involved in all this? Did they think they could hire someone else and still get the money? Not sure if it was you or the beaver that reported that. And if all these...
  14. ThePriceofGas

    Gus Malzahn

    Talked to a friend who knows a parent of a player on the team. I wont say who the player is but there are unhappy folks there even though they are winning. I am sure it goes on at every school but players feel like they are being lied to. This player was told he was going to get playing time...
  15. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    Thanks for putting out there what you know and not just saying my sources say soon but not giving any information. You're not hiding information in an attempt to save face if it does not turn out how you think it will. Thanks again.
  16. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    :) You caught that. What I did there you saw it. :rock:
  17. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    Oh jeez its Finebum. He knows NOTHING!!!!!! Why does ESPN continue push him???!!!
  18. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    So I believe the post that said Currie was not going to do or say anything until after the season to let the seniors have their time and to keep it about football while football is being played not about coaches. However, IF we lose today would the process be sped up? No bowl game to play for...
  19. ThePriceofGas

    Official Jon Gruden Thread 37

    I have seen it like that before for his shows on campuses. Nothing to do with the campus or students, in my opinion it says a whole lot about him.

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