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  1. ankh83

    Sec shorts - season report cards

    My question is can we bill them after we beat Georgia next season? lol GBO!
  2. ankh83

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Clemson

    Vols- 41 Tigers- 38 Milton for 235
  3. ankh83

    Vols Podcast

    I like The late kick with Josh Pate, and Hard Count with JP. The players lounge is pretty cool too.
  4. ankh83

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    vols 52 ga 17 26:44
  5. ankh83

    Vols #1 [Vols officially #1 in CFB Playoff ranking]

    So there is a legit chance we beat both Alabama and Georgia, twice in the same year.
  6. ankh83

    UT Defensive Gameplan

    Photo shop a picture of a watermelon onto Stetson Bennit's head and show the front seven this video.
  7. ankh83

    Defense of Georgia bringing the blitz package for this game

    We havn't seen it because our O-line is overplaying expectations. Pitt, Fla, Bama, and Ky all tried. I expect them to get home a couple of times this game, but it will be neutralized schematically.
  8. ankh83

    Missouri CBS at noon?

    The team prefers early games, they practice in the mornings and waiting around to play sucks. After being featured 3 times on gameday... we have very little room to complain here.
  9. ankh83

    A View from Big Ben: Tennessee players draft predictions for 2023

    Thank you @London Vol. Solid list
  10. ankh83

    Does Chase McGrath scare you too?

    No fear here, just conceitedness.
  11. ankh83

    Would Coach Heupel hire Scott Frost as OC if Alex Golesh leaves after the Season?

    I wouldn't willingly trade Golesh for anyone, but I accept he will be a head coach in the next 3-5 years. Needs more time at this level before he is ready for an auburn/nebraska type job. I imagine Heuple would promote Jerry Mack and bring in a nfl type tight end coach; makes the most since to me.
  12. ankh83

    That Hit By Slaughter

    Danny White deserves a raise.
  13. ankh83

    That Hit By Slaughter

    Am I understanding correctly that Slaughter was moved from safety to cornerback during the week and this is the result on the field?
  14. ankh83

    One word summary of the game!

    Kentucky's version of this thread
  15. ankh83

    What Other Message Boards Are Saying (Kentucky Edition)

    SaltyCat22 We got Tennessee to punt twice. Give Stoopsy a lifetime contract with $125,000,000 buyout. R.O.T.Muckinfush said: Is it basketball season yet?

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