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  1. VolSummitt44

    Coach Summitt speaks

    Such an amazing woman and leader.
  2. VolSummitt44

    Transfers this weekend

    One down and two too go.
  3. VolSummitt44

    Al Wilson Destroying Deion Branch….

    The closest thing to Al Wilson was Alvin Mack.
  4. VolSummitt44

    Jaylen Wright leaving?

    Number 1 back. Gotcha.
  5. VolSummitt44

    '21 TN WR Walker Merrill (Tennessee signee)

    It's not even a close race either.
  6. VolSummitt44

    Jaylen Wright leaving?

    Wasn't he our leading rusher this year?
  7. VolSummitt44

    I'm rooting for Georgia!

    I hope Michigan wins it all. I want UGA to beat OSU but other than that I want nothing but heart break for them.
  8. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

    It would've been a good move for him. It's to bad it didn't happen.
  9. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

    He needs to move to linebacker. Kid might be a difference maker there but he just is not a very good safety.
  10. VolSummitt44

    2 staffers leaving with Golesh

    If I had to keep one of the two it would be Martinez. Both could go and it wouldn't break my heart.
  11. VolSummitt44

    Biletnikoff [Hyatt wins!]

    Take away Hyatt's best game (Bama) and he is still is in the running for this award. Can't say that for the other candidates.
  12. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 AL CB Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    For the long run, I agree. This season, with this defensive roster we have, we should've been better than last place in pass defense. In the spring and summer a lot of the reporters all thought we would have a serviceable secondary. The talent to be decent was there. We were no where close to...
  13. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 AL CB Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    The problem with that is we are not asking for a sec title defense. Just one that can get off the field on 3rd and 10 or more. Everyone knows with our offense the defense doesn't have to pitch shut outs.
  14. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 AL CB Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    I understand that. However, it's not working for us. Changes to what were doing should've been made. Not really any excuses for nearly every team we played being able to exploit our poor pass defense. I know we were down some players but, to that I say our pass defense was bad all year long even...
  15. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 AL CB Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    Even if it's not some bad coaching is going on in that secondary. Everyone involved in it is accountable.
  16. VolSummitt44

    ‘23 AL CB Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    Whoever has our cb's playing 10 to 15 yards off the line of scrimmage on nearly every play is the problem. Martinez has had 2 stops here and our secondary has been bad during both of them. I'm not saying he is or isn't the problem but just because he can recruit doesn't make him a good coach. Or...
  17. VolSummitt44

    Why Randy Moss didn't sign with UT

    I wish he would've been a vol. I've been a bills fan since their first super bowl appearance.
  18. VolSummitt44

    Big 10 biases are alive and well

    I hope UGA beats the ever loving piss out of them then Michigan beats UGA. I would love it.

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