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  1. GR82BVOL


    I'm very thankful we didn't end up with Malzahn. A friend put it best and I completely agree. "Gus has no upside. You know what you are getting but he would bring no excitement. Averaged 4 losses a season. Now Heupel might not be the answer but I have more faith he will get us to the top of...
  2. GR82BVOL

    Fans vs Athletes, sorta!

    It all comes down to the coach recruiting them. Some coaches, good or bad, recruit for the school. Coach Richt at Georgia was a good example. When he was fired, he didn't burn down the building on his way out. He told the recruits to stick with their commitment to the school because that was...
  3. GR82BVOL

    When to start worrying?

    The problem with CBJ was that he brought the group of 5 mentality to the SEC. He did good recruiting because he was recruiting to Tennessee instead of Cental Michigan or Cincinnati. Problem was being able to coach them up to compete game in game out at the SEC level. Heupel has experience...
  4. GR82BVOL

    Worst UT football coach

    I still have to go with Butch Jones. In spite of his record, he tried to burn the whole program down on his way out. That to me is worst thing any coach can do and drops them all the way to the worst coach ever for a program. Then when you add in the things he did behind the scenes it only...
  5. GR82BVOL

    Search firm for AD

    AD, yes. Head Coach, No.
  6. GR82BVOL

    Its being rumored that Marrone has been chosen.

    Nothing will be done until a new AD is hired to replace Fulmer. So, speculation that a new HC has even been hired yet is wishful thinking.
  7. GR82BVOL

    Pruitt Fired for Cause. No buyout. Fulmer retiring.

    Don't expect a search to replace Pruitt to start anytime soon with Fulmer stepping down as well. Need to do a search to hire a new AD which will take a while. Then new AD is going to want to make a splash hire which will continue us down the same hole we have been going the last 12 years...
  8. GR82BVOL

    JG to Washington State

    He checked all the boxes here as well until it was game time. I'm not sure what happens when he takes the field but he always seemed to have that deer in headlights look. I wish him the best. Great young man who is very talented but it just didn't click here.
  9. GR82BVOL

    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    I never would have hired Friend to be my line coach. His Olines have underachieved wherever he has been. Look at the uga lines over the years. Great talent but average at best under Friend. The good players end up going on and having a solid NFL careers but college career was a dud for most...
  10. GR82BVOL

    Dan Mullen

    Not happening. If he goes anywhere at this point, it would be the NFL. Definitely not coming to Tennessee.
  11. GR82BVOL

    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    You will see a number of players enter the portal. Not just Tennessee players. Most of the players that enter will be players who have felt they have not been given the chance to start or have been having to share the position because they couldn't win the position outright. The later is the...
  12. GR82BVOL

    Offensive changes

    You are correct. Freeze isn't going to take a demotion at this point. He would stay at Liberty if that is his only option. I have heard that he has been campaigning for the job. Not sure how accurate that is but something to take note about. As for the offense, I saw at time this year as...
  13. GR82BVOL

    Jordan Allen Transferring

    What I have seen is Tennessee go through mid major coaches that couldn't coach at the SEC level. If we don't have a proven coach waiting in the wings that is already signed then we need to stay the course for at least one more year. The only way you get a chance at an up and coming head coach...
  14. GR82BVOL

    Gus Malzahn

  15. GR82BVOL

    Jordan Allen Transferring

    This is funny. So, we have a Butch Jones recruit that is a senior that doesn't play much entering the transfer portal and you are going to say he is jumping a sinking ship. This just shows you the level of talent that Butch left in the cupboard for Pruitt. Plus, he was spiteful after getting...
  16. GR82BVOL

    The coaching search revisited

    The big miss was Mullins. We didn't close the deal which allowed Florida to creep in and steal him away. It would have been less likely to happen had we already signed him. I think he was actually in Knoxville to sign his contract when Florida finally decided to make a change and contacted...
  17. GR82BVOL

    Head coaching candidates...

    CJP isn't going anywhere. Besides the buyout of his new contract, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot to let him go at this point. No reasonable coach would consider coaching at Tennessee. If not for Fulmer, Pruitt never would have given us a chance. You saw all the swing and misses...
  18. GR82BVOL

    Is it possible Pruitt is fired at the end of THIS year?

    There won't be any coaching change. Yes, we got beat by Alabama but that was expected this year just as losing to Georgia was too. We did not expect to lose to Kentucky. We know Quarterback is an issue and we would like to see some of the younger players play but we are not at practice and we...
  19. GR82BVOL

    *****Pick the score contest Georgia State

    Prediction: TN 51 Ga State 14 TTL Passing yards for JG 185
  20. GR82BVOL

    Pruit has lost this team

    If he has them competing by year 3, he will have done a great job. It took us 10 + years to get to where we are now. It will take 2-3 years just to get back to being competitive. Butch hurt us by not developing the players he brought in.

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