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    [ I do, but when you try to keep up with Both men's and women's basketball, plus football and baseball, and softball, things fall through unseen. Then I live in southern Middle TN; I hear more Alabama and Auburn news. There are no heavy bloggers on the Lady Vols on YouTube as with the men's...
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    Thanks, not living in the Knoxville bubble we just see the ones that are visible on TV.
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    What's up? It has been a while since we have seen her.
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    February Signing Day

    I'm an old fart that is too used to one size fits all signing day. 😷 It's gotten harder to follow recruiting since Nashville stopped most assigning a beat writer to the Vols. 😆
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    February Signing Day

    So we are just going to sit on those scholarships to see what opens up in the spring and summer portal periods.
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    February Signing Day

    Are there any Transfer Portal or JUCO guys that we might sign to finish off the class since we have taken several preferred walk-ons and have about 4ish scholarships left?
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    It appears to be something with her right knee. She is wearing a pretty hefty movement restrictive knee brace.
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    New Traditions that we would like to see at Tennessee

    I'd like to see the orange pants return especially with the white top on the road uniforms. I'd like to see the check board endzones go back to adding the checkered board pattern back to taking up the entire endzone and not having the grass border around the checkers board. I'd like to see...
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    Which system would you like to see at UT?

    The exact system the coach picked. I'm old school one should never question the Head ball coach.
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    Dobbs is throwing a major wrench in Pittsburgh Steelers’ plans

    Face it the only way Dobbs is ever going to get significant playing time in Pittsburgh is he either gets traded or Big Been gets hurt before there latest heir apparent is ready. His days in Pittsburgh ate numbered is my assumption.
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    What is the ONE thing Pruitt cannot do next year

    The only thing Pruitt needs to do is continue to get better across the board, to say year two that has to do this or that is wrong especially with so little talent that was in the roster we will start winning when we have enough of the right pieces.
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    Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    Fortunately, most of those guys have quit, transferred, or left the program as in retired from playing football. We don't need 'em glad that they are gone. Good riddance.
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    Westbrook Comits to UCONN

    I would amend that I wish her the best but as a Tennessee Fan first and foremost, I hope she has the worst night of her college career each and every time she plays against us. Nothing personal, just saying. I do hope Geno is able to correct her decision making and she has a long great career...
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    Tennessee admin cowards?

    Mostly but I do remember way back when they would occasionally do a stop in say Columbia TN or Murfreesboro TN before Nashville and Murfreesboro's population exploded, and Sweetwater but that hasn't happened in years. But I too have never been don't really care if they continue or not, they...
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    Report contradicts Rick Barnes account of not taking UCLA job

    Like outside a small percentage of folks there's little interest in this story. It by far seems to be a bigger deal with the media than the fans. So he used UCLA to get more money not the first time this has happened won't be the last.
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    On a scale of 1-10–how hard has your fandom been hit by how bad we’ve been the last 10 years?

    For myself, I am a Vol Fan for life so I'm a 10 but living on the Tennessee Alabama border with Alabama being so dominate over the last 12 years all but 1 of the next generation of sports fans in my family are fans of the enemy Alabama. So how's that fit into your survey.
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    Staff news or your ideas

    I would advise her to retain the current strength and conditioning coach but she will be allowed to hire as she wants. Think I would retain Lockwood, myself.
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    can coach jolley hire her husband?

    If she wants him on the staff, he will be in the staff, all that matters is the details of how.
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    Unfortunately We Lady Vol Fans Are Becomming A Pitiful Lot

    Truth is Arkansas deserves to be in the NCAA TOURNAMENT more than the Lady Vols do, we at best this year deserved a WNIT bid.

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