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  1. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Some Alabama thoughts about Tennessee

    TLDR: doesn't like Tennessee
  2. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Tennessee Soccer

    Wouldn't be a bad hire to poach Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak from UCF.
  3. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Dollander update?

    I thought the same thing, but was also thinking Blade may only be able to go 4-5 innings max as he's still being stretched out.
  4. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    It makes sense to me. He was projected as having more upside as a LB out of high school. Currently 6'3/220 lbs trying to make it as a WR, it would seem that he could put on 10-15 more lbs and be a nice physical fit in our defensive scheme as a "cover LB"
  5. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    I bet he makes the switch to LB
  6. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey enters NCAA transfer portal

    I follow gt football a little bit. They seem to be high on bringing in the OC from WKU. Watching them last night, Bailey could be as productive as Zappe in that system
  7. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

    UT- 54 Vandy- 23 509 yards
  8. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    *****Pick the Score Contest: S. Alabama

    UT- 66 USA-12 Yds- 226
  9. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Possible Consequence if we happen to beat Georgia

    Here's a fun hypothetical: You must choose one. Beat uga saturday but Hooker goes pro. We lose this weekend but Hooker definitely comes back next year
  10. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Can we realistically expect improvement next year?

    Yeah I'm assuming a lot I know, but my interpretation is based on the word depart. DI Council approves one-year waiver of football scholarship limits "The waiver addresses concerns about potentially high numbers of college athletes transferring after all student-athletes were given the...
  11. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Can we realistically expect improvement next year?

    Bailey and Morven haven't departed the school yet. They've entered the portal but remain active students. I was looking at that as 2 available spots to sign more than 25 and I assume there will be 5 more to get to 32.
  12. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Can we realistically expect improvement next year?

    If we can sign a full class of 32 players, then yes there's improvement in depth alone.
  13. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Tennessee- 44 Kentucky - 27 193 yards
  14. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    Tennessee- 52 Bowling Green- 20 Total Yards- 618
  15. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Question on the Roster

    I looked into this a few months ago, and I'll try to post the link I'm referencing after I find it. iirc, this season the NCAA will allow more than 85 scholarships to accommodate for the one free year of eligibility. However, by the 2022 season all teams need to be back within the 85 scholly...
  16. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    Who will come back?

    2021 MLB Draft - Top 500 Prospects — Prospects Live Top 500 MLB Prospects 5. Brady House (Commit) 79. Chase Burns (Commit) 120. Ryan Spikes (Commit) 145. Jake Rucker = Late 4th Round 150. Max Ferguson = Early 5th Round 167. Liam Spence = Mid 5th Round 171...
  17. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    LSU hires Jay Johnson from Arizona.

    I think Godwin would have been the better hire. Makes me think he preferred to stay at his alma mater. Still, Jay Johnson isn't a bad "settle" hire.
  18. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    3 Under the Radar DC options

    NCAA sanctions: you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit. Amirite???
  19. SmileyVol_c/o_10

    3 Under the Radar DC options

    Can I interest you in a first time play caller tho??

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