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  1. vols72

    We should claim the 1939 national title

    Only counts if he said totally tubular
  2. vols72

    Mike Leach hospitalized - passed away 12/12/22

    Praying for Coach and his family
  3. vols72

    Vandy is for real

  4. vols72

    USCe backup QB's Dad Tags Hooker in Twitter Post

    This game just got ugly, HH gonna show out and the team will be bringing the wood even more now.
  5. vols72

    Invisible man pass to Hyatt…

    I agree with you but i will say this hooker was off that game. He could have thrown some of those pass away or ran for some nice gains. We came out flat which is unusual for for this team. I told a buddy of mine at work that this game would come down to who came out flat and it was us Now don't...
  6. vols72

    There’s NOT a person in the NATION…..

    Honestly i said 9 was tops never thought we would be in the hunt for playoffs. I thought we may have an outside shot at sec but nothing like this
  7. vols72

    Heuple is THE MAN!!!!

    Always thought he was on the little side myself
  8. vols72

    What Other Message Boards Are Saying (South Carolina Edition)

    Honestly i liked usc till beamer. Now not so much
  9. vols72

    When was the last time?

    The last time i watched it this close was 98 every week it was like someone lost to move us up
  10. vols72

    The CBS broadcast is not good

    Absolutely driving me up the wall
  11. vols72

    The wrath of Eru

  12. vols72

    I wonder if Golesh lands a HC job after this season

    No argument from me here i just think he wants to be a part of bringing an sec and national championship to this team, maybe finish what he started first just my 2 cents which ain't worth that
  13. vols72

    I wonder if Golesh lands a HC job after this season

    Personally IMO I think he stays one more season with the sec championship gone even if we win the natty thats a goal that was set and not achieved i would think he would want to help get that first
  14. vols72

    What Album Has No Bad Songs?

    Acdc back in black Acdc highway to hell Kiss crazy nights Kiss hot in the shade Dokken back for the attack Black sabbath 1st album Motley Crue Shout and Girls Billy Squire Emotions in Motion Def Leppard Hysteria Matchbox 20 1st album GnR Use you illusion and Welcome to the jungle Boston all...
  15. vols72

    Mizzou QB Brady Cook expects Tigers to handle Neyland Stadium atmosphere ‘just fine’

    I kinda feel sorry for whats about to happen this team is pissed and will take it out on mizzu
  16. vols72

    Total Hypocrisy!

    If these idots cant see that if we win out that the committee will have us at 4 and uga at one because that rematch game will be the highest watched game ever and the money it will generate will be off the charts.

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