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    Hooker Heisman invite?

    Does Hooker still get a courtesy invite to the Heisman presentation? I'm assuming probably not
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    Sideline penalty

    From what I saw it was a message to Georgia. Wayna and another lineman licked onto the Georgia defender and drive him 60 yards. Penalty was for pancaking him out of bounds. It fired me, the TN sidelines and the crowd up. I'll take that penalty all game long.
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    Checkerboard Neyland Towels

    As the negas wow. I'm all about tradition but check neyland is awesome. It makes neyland that much better. All traditions have a starting point. And helps recruiting experience!!!
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    Legitimate HC options

    I for one actually like and have always liked Dan Mullen. Likeable guy who gets the most out of his players.
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    Shy Tuttle injury

    Prayers for the big guy. Just showed him leaving field in a cart with knee brace on the other leg he didn't injury last year. Worst year of injuries ever
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    Starting Out Slow

    You were saying....
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    2 Tn vs FL tickets

    Section PP. Row 22. End of row seats by aisle. Seats have cushion and backrest. Great view of the field and big screen. $450 cash for the pair.
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    Bring back 3rd Down for What!!

    Ye!!! Please bring it back! If you don't think it energized everyone in the stadium you are 1). blind 2). Sit in your seat all game and don't make any noise 3). Never attend games. It 100% made a difference. The new stuff sucks However I don't think they will because of the lawsuit bs.
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    Justin Martin is right..

    I can and have been negative with all of our sloppy play as well...but let's step back from the ledge. We are 3-0 playing Florida with Game day in town and #CheckNeyland.!
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    Where is Evan Berry??

    Haven't seen him return a kick since first half of it?
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    Colton Jumper getting the start via new depth chart

    Wow. Finally watched the rerun of the game. I knew Jumper played poorly watching from stands but that was awful. He missed tackles over and over and got burnt badly on coverage. I'm sorry but there is no way he's our best #2 option at MLB. I encourage everyone to watch the game again and keep...
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    Greg McElroy just called out the Tennessee Oline on SEC network

    Wow i knew it was bad but didn't realize it was that bad until watching it on film. Coleman Thomas needs to be benched if he is that hurt. That's a coaching decision. Put Weidman at center to make calls and put mean streak Jones at RG.
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    App's OL

    #3 according to this source
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    Commercials breaks conversation....

    Talked with several people at the game about the frequency and length of commercial breaks during this game. By far the worst I've ever seen. That compiled with the app players what I believe convientlyn "getting injured" helped them off set the depth differences between Tn and app state. That...
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    Coach Scott happy with Croom's transition

    Heard as well. Hope it's not the injury bug again for croom. Hip injuries can be nagging and long lasting
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    '15 TN TE Kyle Oliver (UT Signee 2/4/15)

    Recruiting talent is different than developing that talent. Good recruiter average at best coach in z. Scarier that he's our passing game coordinator. Hope he proves us wrong but I hear and see the same old drills and terminology in practice thus far. Ask Florida fans 2010 opinion on wr production
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    Noticed something.

    I have both played and coached wr. Coach z had similar reviews in his time at Florida if I'm not mistaken. Look at production during Kippy Brown era. While I agree there's several factors to pass judgement.but when habitats occur yearly fingers start pointing usually to the coach. It's...
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    Brent Hubbs discusses Brandon Johnson

    Welcome to the board. Thanks for info
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    Full Practice Schedule Released

    I'm thinking this could be changes from all of last year's preseason injuries
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    Checkering Neyland this year???

    I don't think anyone can deny how awesome neyland looks checkered. A true specticle

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