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    Fulmer's Silence ?

    There is nothing Phil can say that will help. So he may as well just keep his mouth shut. Time will tell if Pruitt’s the man. It would be nice to know what the master plan is. Are we still looking for and developing players or have we moved on to trying to become a better team.
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    Urban Meyer speaks highly of Tennessee job.

    Mayer is unemployed for a reason. I will not sell out to win. Keep the children safe.
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    Will Friend out? [Twitter troll rumor]

    Looks fake, you don’t dump a guy you have worked with for years this way.
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    Maurer or Shrout?

    JG has had a few bad games, who wouldn’t having put through the spin cycle of coaches, and dealing a new offense. I don’t think we have any one better, and what experience he does have seems an advantage. If we just got him as a transfer fans would be more patient. I think he will improve in...
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    Are we trying to win?

    It’s seems coach Pruitt has two agendas. His first agenda is to find players that fit his system will play hard, even if they are underdeveloped year 1-2 players. Here in his second year he is still not putting winning as a top priority. As a fan this is frustrating, we have been waiting for...
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    Maryville RB Tee Hodge commits to Tennessee

    Not an every down back but can get the sure yard.
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    Let’s Talk Defensive Line

    We won’t match up aginst AL & GA. WE JUST we just don’t have the quality depth needed. We do match aginst the others in the east. SCjr and MisU will be a toss up.
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    How would you rate John Chavis as a Defensive Coordinator?

    Chavez was a great DC. He like other DC‘s had to adapt to the offense urban Meyer brought. This took several years and we took several beatings in the process. But, the same thing happened to many other defense of coordinators. Stopping a huge running quarterback for less than a yard or two...
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    5 concerns from spring practice..

    In the spring game I saw the same issues our ol had last season. Busted assignments and soft. The busts seemed to have two causes. Slow thinking and slow reaction. If a lineman is slow, your screwed. It is almost impossible to make the feet quicker. They will wiff the quicker DL every time...
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    JJ Peterson ?

    JJ arrived not ready to compete. I am glad they put the brakes on him. Get the grades in order, get in shape, learn the system, then ball out. Better to be successful than to be overwhelmed. I expect he will step in for an injured player later in the year and stick.
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    Jim Chaney

    Chaney will find some success despite our bad ol. The key will be staying ahead of down and distance. Expect some trick plays so we can avoid long drives. We need big plays on O. We have some talent but not near enough depth.
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    Osovet Getting Promoted

    Osvet did not invent the RPO. He did use it alot and developed some of the down field applications. You can not exclusively run RPOs as an offense.
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    2019 TN DT Elijah Simmons Commits to UT

    Good feet, good hands, fast for an overweight guy. He has potential.
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    BTO’s Florida postgame report

    The closer we get to tourney time the more the refs are letting the players play. This year's points of interest hand checks and leaning on the post are not being call like they were early in the season. I have to think the more the refs let them play the better we get.
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    Tennessee 24-7

    Tennessee looks to me like a #1 to me. We have not been playing teams make us work the entire gam e. We get a little sloppy from time to time. But when need it we turn it on and take over the game. Do we have things to fix? Yea, but let's not peak to soon. It is just no w time to step up, and...
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    Question about the 2019 DL

    I am guessing Pruitt has a plan. He could have taken lower rated DLine players but didn’t. That means he’s got it covered.
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    The new bammer talk about Coach Pruitt

    If I were Pruitt and had rebuilt UT, I would not follow Saban. AL fans expect to much. If he tried to stay at UT to long, he would eventually have a few bad years and we would fire him. Jimbo know how it works. Move on to a bigger contract where expectations are lower.
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    Tennessee has reached out to Missouri Seniors

    Ok, Tell us what qualifies you to evaluate a QBs. Take your time. Give us your full football resume. Some of have been watching for a long time.
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    Maleik Gray and Tyler Byrd status?

    If I remember correctly he had a lot of drops. But then under butch all the receivers had a lot of drops.
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    Monday Before signing day.

    Give it a rest!

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