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    Orange helmets!

    Yes, all orange is to gaudy although great combined with white.
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    Orange helmets!

    Were discontinued back then because fans didn't like them. Don't like them now.
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    Fulton Falcons

    I have a question for all Fulton Falcons who would be in the know on this subject. A few years ago, I think about 2014, Fulton was almost unbeatable in football, would hang 50 or 60 points on just about everyone. What conditions were available back then that would allow them to build such a...
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    Smokey Greys For LSU confirmed

    Nothing comes close to orange and white.
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    I remember back then. Were the invention of Jim McDonald, interim coach after Bowden Wyatt. Fans rebelled against them and were canned next year when Dickey took over. Also remember the away jerseys used by Condredge Holloway . Were discontinued in middle of season because they said fans...
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    Vols Nicknames throughout history

    John "drum" Majors
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    Vols Nicknames throughout history

    Tom "the bomb" Tracy
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    Orange Helmets

    Wear them with white shirts and orange pants to make a complete reversal, but leave them white on home uniforms. All orange is too gaudy.
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    Why are you a Vol fan?

    Have been a Vol fan longer than most. Listened to 1947 Orange Bowl with my brother when I was seven. Heard Hank Lauricella and the 1951 Vols take care of Texas and win the national championship. Saw most of my games free as a child sitting in the grass on a hill when it was open on the East side...
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    I'm against alternate colored uniforms because I just think the traditional orange and white uniforms the way they are right now are the best looking uniforms in the universe bar none. Anything else is grossly inferior. I don't want to see them even once. That doesn't mean I wouldn't support the...
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    Paul Finebaum. What's with his bama love when he's UT grad?

    Finebaum was trashing UT back in the 90's when UT was beating Bama.
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    Paul Finebaum. What's with his bama love when he's UT grad?

    He constantly trashed Coach Fulmer and the UT program years ago, especially after a lot of the Bamers thought he turned them in for cheating. To him Bama could do no wrong and UT could do no right.
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    Best UT running back

    Hank Lauricella
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    Neyland Stadium

    Yes, make every seat in the stadium a nice comfortable box seat.
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    Future of Vols Uniforms and Cleats

    I've always advocated always wearing traditional orange uniforms and preserving our national bran, but I can't understand why anyone gives a crap about cleats. I don't even see or recognize them.
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    Future of Vols Uniforms and Cleats

    I remember when those were first worn by Condredge Holloway. They were the road uniform and the reason they were discontinued was because " the fans didn't like them"
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    This didn't age that well....

    Tennessee's passing on Gary Patterson should teach us a lesson. It's not your looks or personality that counts, but whether or not you can coach football.
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    Josh Heupel emerges (old thread)

    Did Jamey Chadwell turn the job down? My first choice from the beginning.
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    Jamey Chadwell (Coastal Carolina)

    Jamey said he had always been a UT fan, wanted to play there but wasn't good enough.
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    Hey Danny

    Yea, its all made up and added crap. None of it official.

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