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    Modern rock bands with the classic sound.

    Blackberry smoke if they've not already been listed
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    AJ Johnson can't catch a break

    There's a difference between .08 or .05 and .15 or others. I'm no DR or lawyer but I know the bars and such serve ppl that they know are driving and if the police wanted to they could arrest half the ppl driving home from games. I've watched State troopers steer drunks out off NASCAR races at...
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    AJ Johnson can't catch a break

    I didn't know the whole story but any person under 150 lbs that has a big mixed drink "a big margarita" or two glasses of wine and is stopped immediately after would fail a breathalyzer according to the current law. I lost a brother to a drunk driver so I agree with the law but I understand...
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    AJ Johnson can't catch a break

    At 10 or later on any given night in ktown half the ppl leaving a beer serving place and driving could be cited for dui
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    Who is your most UNDER appreciated Vol

    I enjoy Overstreet's commentary when he appears on the sports source on channel six sundays. Shazon Bradley too, I see him around Powell sometimes.
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    Best VOL team of all-time

    I truly loved the 01 team but Miami if they played to the potential of all they had would have killed us. A lot of teams would have been different if key guys didn't get injured or in trouble. If Florida State could've kept every guy from middle 80s to late 90s from being hurt or going to jail...
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    What "popular" singer says or bands you think are overrated or terrible

    Stapleton sold out. I don't blame him, I would too
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    Prozac Nation Is Now United State of Xanax

    I'm a firm believer that all addicts develop their own drug of choice. Alcohol to nicotine sugar or Xanax. The price of said choice shouldn't stop anyone from being able to be a productive person.
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    D4H's 2017 NFL Draft Review (Best Picks, Best Drafts, and Predictions)

    Is he Stephen Colbert,or does he really believe these statements?
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    Proof that being an Alabama fan, is actually a mental disorder?

    If he was a true fan the Bear would be on the other shoulder!
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    Better Call Saul

    Definitely loving the back story on how Mike and Gus started working together.
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    LSU Set to Show Off Purple Field

    Art vandalay had me laughing
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    Of the Final Four, who do you want to win?

    I've always liked North Carolina as long as they're not playing us. Lived in the state twice in my life. Most of the ppl from there are nice. We used to steal all the best football players from the state. Hopefully that starts happening again
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    Tennessee return to glory: 5-10 years

    Watching my 9 year old son jumping for joy after the UF game this year brought tears!!
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    Good Article on JG in the Tennessean

    Bray could've been really good with proper coaching and discipline before he let himself ruin his self
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    Aransas to Execute Eight in Ten Days

    Rope is cheap and re-usable.
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    Sky Zone.....

    My brother in laws brother is a part owner of a trampoline park in powell. There are many waivers electronically signed before anyone is allowed in to the place.
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    CFN says returning talent good enough for preseason 14 ranking

    I can't believe that guy gets paid to write.
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    Cliches and tired scripts from tv and movies

    Rosario Dawson is hot in Daredevil on Netflix though
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    Favorite All Time Vol-Related Nickname

    I'll always love peerless price

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