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    Post game thoughts

    Also true.
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    The Official #2 Tennessee vs. #25 Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    His game continues to slide. All I can figure is he can’t take the heat in the SEC.
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    Post game thoughts

    Of course he said that. Hoping for similar treatment when Bama comes to Knoxville.
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    Post game thoughts

    Sorry but that was a foul. Refs hate Pearl .
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    No one should be surprised we lost

    I was watching that game with folks in Wisconsin and they couldn’t understand why I was distraught after that game . I told them that I had just watched what was likely Tennessee’s last chance in my lifetime to make the Final 4. They were like “cmon that’s pretty negative “. I stand by it.
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    No one should be surprised we lost

    That Purdue loss was really hard to take. We played on our heels most of the game and let them stay in it then got an absolute bs call that gave PU the win. I can’t let it go.
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    Tennessee's Chances ??

    It will be the early games where we’ll be vulnerable. Our strength will be our depth and that will not be a factor until we get to the sweet 16. Have to shut down those teams that use ball control and shoot well from the perimeter from getting open looks.
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    BTO’s Vanderbilt Postgame Report

    That’s his role and it’s something we haven’t had for a while.
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    Jimmy Hyams Retiring.......

    You are not alone. I grew up reading Tom Siler and Jimmy was a more modern counterpart.
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    Our schedule is very favorable for a big year next season

    8-4 will be a disappointment after this season. Like others said we will need better D and solid play from Milton to win 10 again. We lose a huge amount of points to the NFL.
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    Talk to us about.....a defensive legend.

    I took Black Studies (that’s what it was called then) with Reggie and the McKenzie brothers. It was funny to watch those guys try to squeeze into their desks. They were not good students in fact one of the McKenzies drew war pictures all during class. Reggie would be very attentive and tried...
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    After Basketball-Jarnell Stokes edition

    Yeah the Purdue call was probably worse because that was the best team we’ve ever had on the Hill.
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    Condredge Holloway to HOF

    Same here. He came to our house for dinner once. Quite the thrill for teenage me. But I don’t know anyone who went to baseball games back then.
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    After Basketball-Jarnell Stokes edition

    That was the worst call in UT history
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    I’m thinking SEC basketball is

    Florida is trash
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    My SEC vs BIG10 comparisons have turned out OK..

    Yes you are the minority. I just moved back south after 20 years in Wisconsin. The fans of the BIG all root for BIG teams - except for OSU who they all hate. It’s different down here. Everyone likes to chat S-E-C but in reality our fans hate each other. Me included. I think I like LSU...
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    Final poll?

    The first two depends on the title game but I think it will be 1. UGa 2. Tcu 3. Michigan 4. OSU 5. Bama (this will piss me off) 6. UT that will hurt but for whatever reason I see they will baselessly put Bama above us despite the head to head win.
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    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson Orange Bowl Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    That is going to change if the ncaa still has anyone with half a brain.

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