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    Where do you stand on players opting out of post-season games (with no injuries) to "prepare for the draft"?

    Do you want my fan opinion or adulting business opinion? 😂 adulting: playoffs or bust at this point. No point in getting injured and missing out on money for them and their family. Fan: you finish what you start with the brother to your left and right. Give your all for TN and get that 11 win...
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    Coach Sanders is going to kill.....

    They just like to hammer the Vols programs when they step out of line. 😒 maybe it’s just me but seems we always get the crap end of the stick from the NCAA.
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    Coach Sanders is going to kill.....

    I agree Colorado is a tough sale. I wouldn’t want to be there in that cold ass place but the only destination I would want would be the Vols. 😂 pretty sure that kid is following him there at least the post I seen suggested he was.
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    Coach Sanders is going to kill.....

    We will see how he does. Colorado can’t compete with larger schools NIL deals but his confidence makes up for a lot. He had the number 1 recruit commit to Jackson st. That place is a dump. I think he will do more than most think he will. More eyes will be on this program than Jackson st and he...
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    Milton will be HUGE for UT in 2023

    Saving my judgement until after the bowl game. Hope he balls out and has confidence going into next season but another part of me says let’s be in talks with a couple portal QB’s just in case. 🫣
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    City of Knoxville: Neyland Stadium beer vendor responsible for unruly fans, should face consequences

    I refuse to stand in that line or pay the prices for one beer. I’d rather have whiskey and 9 time out of 10 a generous fan shares. 😂 They are making a killing on alcohol sales and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Rake in the money and upgrade the concessions and bathrooms.
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    '23 Portal Transfer Portal - Confirmed Tennessee Interest

    Thanks OP for making this list. With all the kids entering it’s hard to keep track which who we have shown interest in.
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    Coach Sanders is going to kill.....

    Said the exact same thing. Unless he is fired for something, he will have them in the top 25 quickly if not sniffing the playoff when it expands. The man has confidence and players love it.
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    Deion Intro Speech

    Not gonna lie. I hope he does well and Colorado becomes playoff contenders(give them 2 years and I think they will be winning big) I think he will pull a lot of talent in via transfer portal this year.
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    Schedule going forward

    With the play off expansion, it would make sense. You can treat them as “bye” weeks and let second string play more. Most teams could lose 2-3 games in the SEC and probably make it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Orange Bowl at Worst. Sugar a possibility.

    We will bring the mustard for Dabo’s burger. I would laugh if they lose tomorrow. 😂
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    Orange Bowl at Worst. Sugar a possibility.

    I’m cheering on every underdog at this point. I don’t care what venue we get, let’s go checker that s*** and knock someone in the mouth. 🤘🍊
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    Can the impossible happen?

    doesn’t matter how you spin the playoff turd Sammich, we are stuck in left field. Doesn’t matter who we play just win the bowl game.
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    Bowl tickets

    I’m holding off just in case we have a wild championship weekend. Rooting for all the underdogs. Then to Knoxville to support the men and women’s bball teams.
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    After 5 Days

    I’m still salty about the loss and the disinterest they showed. The guys in Section 504 made it a little better sharing some jack and the dad surprising his son and bringing him to his first Vols game, My 5 year old got her picture with the Vols cheerleaders so the little things made the trip...
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    Looking for 4 Vandy tickets

    Looking for 4 Vandy tickets. Driving back from SC. Text me at 423-530-8341.
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    How many Vols fans in Columbia this weekend?

    Perfect! will be our first time here so we are going to take it all in.
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    How many Vols fans in Columbia this weekend?

    taking the wife and kids with us. looks like our tickets were changed to section 504. anyone know if that is close to the visitor section?
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    At the end of the day handle your business the next 3 games and let's see if we see them again in the playoff. we are going to need to blow everyone out at this point. strap up and finish.
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    Orange and white checkerboard for Kentucky game?

    nothing official just yet. i would love to see a White Out, Black out, Orange out, and Checker Neyland every year. would give recruits something to talk about and get pumped up for, plus they could make a killing selling special shirts at the gates or stands in the stadium.

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