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    Doug Mathews comments on Juwan Mitchell

    Bet “she” gets upset if someone doesn’t put the toilet seat down.
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    Doug Mathews comments on Juwan Mitchell

    Maybe he got a concussion in practice?
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Samuel M’Pemba (UGA commit)

    Let me clarify...............WHEN is the last time we won a recruiting battle again GEORGIA for a player with an apostrophe in his last name?
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    Lyn-J Dixon off the team? [Confirmed]

    Basically going into season with 4 running backs and one (Wright) has a injury and not fully recovered. Two of them are on smallish side (Smart and Sampson). This is not a good situation in this league. Hate Beckwith left. Oh well it is what it is.
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    Printed tickets and screenshots of ticket won’t work at Neyland this year

    Can I show my Medicare card? Or my US Army discharge papers?
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    Neyland seats in the dry?

    Will Florida game not be a 2:30 (central) CBS game ??
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    Neyland seats in the dry?

    With the new construction in the North end zone, does the overhang still exist for the remaining upper deck seats and what row up becomes dry? Also, IIRC row 45 and up in the lower bowl becomes in the dry?
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    Lenneth Whitehead out for the season

    That was some defense that Mizzou had last year. They couldn't stop the run or pass.
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    '24 TN DL Carson Gentle (Tennessee commit)

    Well we have a couple Slaughters on the team and another on the way.
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    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    If Pruitt doesn't get at least a 10 year show-cause, then if I'm Donnie Tyndall I'm hiring a lawyer.
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    Media Days - What will your reaction be?

    SEC meds is days waste of time.
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    RIP Brad White..,,

    Excellent defensive lineman on Majors early teams. Passes away in his home in Florence age 61.
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    How many of us have donated to Spyre?

    Can that Jude guy run a 4.4 forty?
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    I'm sorry!

    No, history will remember Ole Miss as the champion of 2022. We will be remembered as the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies.
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    Old Vol baseball fans, what happened with Rod Delmonico and….

    Engineering student…had no social life
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    Old Vol baseball fans, what happened with Rod Delmonico and….

    Bill Wright was coach when I was in school. He won a couple SEC titles in about 19 years. I just remember what great players Phil Garner and Sam Ewing were (showing my age).
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    Old Vol baseball fans, what happened with Rod Delmonico and….

    ….his program at UT after 1995? Won three straight SEC championships and never won another after 95.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Tennessee Tech Tuesday Game Thread (6:30PM EST) (SEC NETWORK +)

    What’s with that Tennessee goober fan rocking back and forth? Hunching air?
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Mizzou Weekend Series Thread (Friday 6:30PM EST SEC NET +) (Saturday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sunday 12:30PM EST SEC NET+)

    Thanks. But what if it were an intentional walk, not that it has ever occurred with the bases loaded.

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