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  1. volfaninky

    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield enters the transfer portal

    Wish that was Ky
  2. volfaninky

    The playoff committee and force majeur.

    We will be above Bama next week when neither team has a chance at #4… WATCH This was all to protect Bama and what if
  3. volfaninky

    Bowl tickets

    We got in the last Orange Bowl for $10 outside the stadium and that was a championship game. We have found that going to bowl games without tickets saves you 100’s. Never been turned away. Always extras on game days and stadiums never full. Sec championship and playoffs are different story.
  4. volfaninky

    Way too early

    Let’s wait til after transfer portal and returns… I think we are going to be very happy
  5. volfaninky

    Bowl Game question… (Hyatt sitting out?)

    He’s fast and a good route runner but he’s not ready to play on sundays. He would benefit greatly with more size and another year imo.
  6. volfaninky

    Bowl Game Tickets

    Top 5,000 donors were at that time only, the others will be contacted 12/4.
  7. volfaninky

    Bowl Game Tickets

    This is not exactly correct. Announcement went out yes but there will be another email on 12/4 with further instructions
  8. volfaninky

    Orange Bowl

    I would rather go to Orange than Sugar myself. Miami > New Orleans
  9. volfaninky

    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    The Mexican music on 3rd downs to pump up the crowd was comical!! Who does that? Vandy. Enough said.
  10. volfaninky

    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    Their band sucks and they have no songs to play thus the music over the speakers
  11. volfaninky

    VU Parking?

    Anyone find a public lot for UT fans??
  12. volfaninky

    teams we are rooting for this

    I’ll add Louisville… just so Ky can love paying stoops 8.5 million a year to win 6 games lol
  13. volfaninky

    Put Your Tukey Pictures Here

    Good day here… Traeger cooked a perfect bird and Buffalo Trace was just right
  14. volfaninky

    Excuse the question, but where is JJJ?

    Just like football and Tilman
  15. volfaninky

    Vols #10 in latest CFP rankings

    Cotton Bowl please
  16. volfaninky

    Vandy Ticket Prices

    Different strokes for different folks. We would NEVER choose a Titans game over a Vols game. No chance.
  17. volfaninky

    Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

    Antique. There’s only 2 bottles you can buy anymore under 100.
  18. volfaninky

    The Silverest of Linings

    Good. I want to go to the Cotton Bowl at this point
  19. volfaninky

    Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

    Then you would love Weller for 1/100th the price and especially since pappy is 2 wellers mixed together

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