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    Crain and Company video

    Lose 1 game and they are losing their minds. I'm loving living in Alabama at the moment. Thank you CJH. And thank you Vols. To quote Tillman, "I Love the Team"... 😎
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    Tennessee sits player...

    CJH did a pretty good job of forcing Saban off our field. 😎
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    The game that broke me and gave me PTSD. Here we go again?

    The loss to Memphis.... If I hadn't had on underwear, my walk back to the car naked might have ended up with me in jail....
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    '24 TX OT Max Anderson

    Come on in! First.😎
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    Question for Old Timer Vol hoops fans

    My first game was 3/5/1977 in Stokley against Kentucky for the SEC Regular Season Champion. 3 OT's. Heck of a game. Been hooked ever since. Yes a Final 4 would be awesome to attend.
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    Vitale’s Predictions up to the Final Four

    Team of Destiny!!! Feels like 1985.
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    The Gods Smiled On Us...That Is An Easy Bracket

    Izzo this time of the year is The Devil.
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    The Official #24 Tennessee @ Vanderbilt Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Why every year at this time, we end up looking like a high school basketball team?
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    What's the coldest Tennessee game you've attended?

    1975 Vandy was brutal cold and freezing rain.
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    Velus "Krystal" Jones

    Is that chicken tender shooting a bird?
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    Alumni Influence

    The larger issue may be what these kids do with such an influx of cash at an early age. To me, that will be the thing to watch.
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    Memphis 😂😂😂

    Did Josh's team make the dance?

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