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    ‘23 TN LB Arion Carter

    He'll have been there a total of 3 times vs. here twice, counting OVs. Not sure that's going to be the tell tale sign...
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    ‘23 MO ATH Jeremiyah Love

    Did he show?
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Samuel M’Pemba

    I don't think we're going to get M'Pemba, IMO he's using us (and maybe others) to raise his price for UGA, which (again, IMO) is where he wants to go/will end up.
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    ‘23 AL RB Khalifa Keith (Tennessee commit)

    Thanksgiving commitment per AP
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    ‘23 AL OT Vysen Lang (Tennessee commit)

    Love this pickup. IMO Lang is the type of huge body (who happens to be able to move very, very well) that you just keep stacking on the LOS. I'd be surprised if he's not a starting G for us in the next few years.
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    ‘23 TN LB Arion Carter

    Carter and Hobbs represent the two biggest battles we're currently in. Head to head with Bama and Georgia for defensive front seven prospects - the kind we saw shut down our offense last Saturday. Pair those two wins with beating UGA for Gibson (plus Nico of course) and you've got a handful of...
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    ‘23 AL RB Khalifa Keith (Tennessee commit)

    One thing to note about Keith is that Parker HS is in AL 6A, which is the second highest classification in a state that obviously has bigtime high school football. So he's playing damn good competition every week.
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    ‘23 AL WDE Tomarrion Parker (Clemson commit)

    IMO we're in strongest position with Hobbs and Hunter (JUCO) on the DL; Scott (as you said, if we push) in the secondary - new AU staff will push hard there; and Lang on the OL (he'll commit to us next week and then we'll have to hold on when the new AU coaching staff pushes, IMO) with Ramil as...
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    ‘23 AL OT Vysen Lang (Tennessee commit)

    He's from down the road
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    '24 SC WR Mazeo Bennett (Tennessee commit)

    Need to keep getting him back to campus because as soon as Beamer fires their OC they’re going to come back after him hard.
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    ‘23 AL S Sylvester Smith (Tennessee commit)

    Might be a guy we've got to sweat once AU hires a new coach...
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    Some bigtime Vol targets will be in Athens

    2024 – LB Demarcus Riddick 2024 WR Amari Jefferson – Tennessee commit 2023 RB Jeremiah Cobb – Auburn commit 2024 OT Daniel Calhoun 2024 OL Kam Pringle 2024 Ath Kj Bolden 2023 Edge - Sam M’Pemba 2023 DL Daevin Hobbs 2024 LB Sammy Brown 2025 QB Ryan Montgomery 2025 Athlete – Elyiss...
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    Kentucky Game Visitors (thread)

    Updated full list
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    Kentucky Game Visitors (thread)

    Added Hank Weber, Brentwood Academy, Defensive Line
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    Kentucky Game Visitors (thread)

    Not anymore. Even before new names are added, have a priority 2023 JUCO DT and a LOT of bigtime 2024s plus one bigtime 2025 prospect.
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    Kentucky Game Visitors (thread)

    Added, per AP: Nico Conyers Jarvis Boatwright Eddrick Houston Kamarion Franklin Daniel Calhoun Beasley Spillman (not sure which, will assume both for now) Eddrick Houston, Kamarion Franklin and Daniel Calhoun are BIGTIMERS, and Calhoun is coming back after being here for the UF game.
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    ‘23 GA DL TJ Searcy (Florida commit)

    Wonder what sort of season he's having...
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    Kentucky Game Visitors (thread)

    Added 2024 LB Kari Jackson
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    ‘23 GA S Tyler Scott

    Crazy. Strange that they would have offered him, brought him in for the Bama game and seemingly recruited him hard, when all along they already knew they had the DB commitments.

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