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    Transfer portal

    If a player only get one transfer, once transfered, he has to stay at that school or move down to a lower division. So when a school accepts a transfer, both school and player lose options.
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    The next two games will give us all we can handle

    Vandy can spend whatever they want on coach and facilities and it will not make a difference. Their fans just dont care and do not support the program. Franklin had them winning and still no one showed up.
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    CFP Scenarios (merged)

    We need OSU to beat Michigan. OSU is a media darling. I dont trust the committee to drop a one loss OSU team below us.
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    Transfer portal

    Other OT Candidates on the team: Grant - 6-7 290 Nichols 6-5 318 Perry 6-6 325 Davis 6-7 325 Parker 6-5 310
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    Terry Bowden - Quick rise - Quick fall

    Terry Bowden - Wikipedia 1993, Terry went 11-1 his 1st year at Auburn after Auburn was recovering from NCAA violations. 1998, Terry was forced out for issues and is now coaching at Louisiana Monroe. Hope Heupel has better guidance from White. While i want to throw the Brinks truck at Heupel, I...
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    Why the lack of love for Hooker and infatuation with Levis in CBS mock draft

    I think the big difference between Hooker & Levis is calmness under fire. Levis is quick to panick. It may be to fast for him because he is not calm to click thru his progressions.
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    The 2 stats we have to fix to beat UGA

    If I am Heupel, I tell Milton to be ready to play. Georgia will come after Hooker strong and try to take him out of game.
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    Bama submits play for league office review

    The Too Too film should be reviewed. It was not only dirty. It looked personal.
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    Jaylen McCollough arrested

    According to Google, there is a minimum 20 weeks training. Tennessee requires 2 years experience. Lot more than a few weeks. You might be thinking security.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    NIL has changed that.
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    Were you born into this or did you just decide to pick Tennessee

    Nashville native. Mom, Aunts & Uncles went to Vandy. Grandfather English professor at Vandy. Wanted to go away to college. UTK is far enough that parents cant drop in & close enough to come home. Did not realize how much Vandy hates UT. Gradually grew to root against Vandy in any sport. My kids...
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    ‘23 AL DE Keldric Faulk (FSU commit)

    Gundy says Hi, I need a raise.
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    2022 Fall Practice #4

    Who is the short yardage bruising running back?
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    Gone but not forgotten: Knoxville area restaurants and retailers we miss.

    I started UT in 1978. At that time Ruby Tuesdays was above Stefanos.
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    Glad It's Over

    We turned ourselves in, invited NCAA in to investigate along with us, fired all that were involved, self imposed sanctions. NCAA is now commending us for our cooperation and stating that this is the way all investigations should occur. If NCAA gives UTK more sanctions then no institution will...
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    ‘23 NC EDGE Rico Walker

    UNC will not do this alone. ACC teams will act as a unit when they see that they are going to be left out of national advantages.
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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil (Michigan St. commit)

    I am sure that the services try to get the ratings correct however we all have noticed than when an Alabama offers a kids, the rating somehow jumps. So in the end, what is the correct rating? The big unknown is usually not the rating of the talent but the maturity level. I have seen it across...
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    ‘23 NC EDGE Rico Walker

    To me that is the value of hiring a staff from UCF, they have been successful of evalutating lower rated players & coaching them up because they were not able to get the 5 stars interested in UCF
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    ‘23 KY CB Cristian Conyer (Tennessee commit)

    We are such a great judge of coaching. My favorite is Lovie Smith. He cant coach however somehow he was able to get multiple head coaching jobs in NFL, but we are right. Yep

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