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  1. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vandy

    Tenn 31 Vandy 17 187 yds
  2. Vol4gruden

    Tennessee will be in the playoffs

    No we won’t. After this beat down and then what Vandy will do to us, we will not even be in the New Years six. This game is absolutely horrible to watch. Our defense sux.
  3. Vol4gruden

    The Official #5 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    This secondary *^•#ing sucks. We will get thumped this game and give everyone a reason to put UT down and make fun of and it will be deserved. We gonna get thumped by Vandy too. I’ll call it right now.
  4. Vol4gruden

    Go Baylor!

    I honestly believe Baylor purposely gave that game away so TCU can stay in the playoff hunt. Just break down the last 2 mins and watch it. Baylor moved the ball about 3-4 yards every play until that last series. Makes you wonder and then every receiver was wide open for TCU on their last series...
  5. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score contest: South Carolina

    Tennessee- 63 USC- 17 Offensive yds- 613
  6. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Tenn-41 Mizz- 17 Penalty yds by Tenn- 35
  7. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Vols-34 Georgia- 27 Total time of possession- 25:14
  8. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Kentucky

    Tenn-38 Ky- 24 Passing yds allowed-311
  9. Vol4gruden

    JG deserves our respect for this

    I see what you did here! Bahahahaha
  10. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: UT Martin

    Tenn 56 Skyhawks-6 Total yds allowed- 312
  11. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Alabama

    Tenn-28 Ala-24 Rushing yds by Tenn-121
  12. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: LSU

    Tenn- 38 LSU- 31 Passing yards allowed- 214
  13. Vol4gruden

    Maybe my perception is just terrible, but did anyone else realize Jalin Hyatt

    Speaking of Frerking….has anyone besides me seen how emotional that dude gets on the sidelines. Man, he is a major motivator to the players. Always congratulating, pepping up, encouraging. Say what you will, but to me, that is a true VFL. Dude rarely sees the field and instead of being down, he...
  14. Vol4gruden

    LSU D game plan

    This would be my game plan: 4 man front- interchanging constantly Beasley and Banks-LB- blitzing every 3rd play J. Mitchell constantly spying QB 2 CB’s- Burrell, Charles, McDonald, Hadden interchanging throughout game unless one is hot— need to play aggressive with no playing 10 yds off ball...
  15. Vol4gruden

    Bru McCoy's take on being a VOL (great recruiting pitch)

    Couldn’t have said it better myself
  16. Vol4gruden

    Bru McCoy's take on being a VOL (great recruiting pitch)

    yeah you are being that guy! Chill out dude. If he can’t remember his name, then just help him out with it. He obviously knew who he was talking about, but was drawing a blank with the name. It happens to everyone, and it has or will happen to you. So stop being a d***.
  17. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Tenn- 38 FL- 27 Completions by HH- 34
  18. Vol4gruden

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Akron

    Tenn- 63 Akron-10 Yds allowed by D- 213
  19. Vol4gruden

    *****VolNation Weekly/Season Pick the Score Contest! [Weekly]

    Got mine in. LSU vs MSU is going to be a good one to watch.
  20. Vol4gruden

    My crow eating thread…

    I want to comment on this statement. I know some have already said it but you are now seeing players that have been coached up. My ole my what a difference a well coached team can look like. I am super proud that our defense won that game Saturday. I know the offense is good, but it’s about time...

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