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    How’d Tennessee do?
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    Good or bad?

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    Hugh Freeze with added sanctions vs...

    J Jesus, get a life.
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    Ty Chandler in the transfer portal
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    Heartfelt Goodbye From JG.....

    Why can’t people just shut the **** up and keep their insignificant opinions to themselves? The thread was a thank you to a young man who has accomplished more in his life then most of the slobs and losers on this site ever will.
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    Tim Jordan dismissed from team

    I’m sure that’s it. Definitely dump a returning productive back for a scholarship. Or...he was pulled over with a gun, scales, and narcotics.
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    CBS tried to hire Peyton.

    Smart. I’m sure Peyton is socking it all away in SPY.
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    Offensive Line

    A healthy BM is extremely important.
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    Urban Meyer

    Out of the hundreds of idiotic retarded posts that hit this site, this has to be top 5.
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    Uncle Rico, is that you?
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    Some of our stud players are delusional..

    Kelly is avoiding possible injury and another year of wear and tear. He looked great all year and could have teams thinking Kamara wasnt used to greatest ability, why not same for Kelly?
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    Chris Spognardi pocketed 14,000 dollars. Could be in a lot of trouble?

    Sometimes I just say things that make no sense. It's relaxing.
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    Dabo vs Butch

    You people need to get a life
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    Leonard Little in support of CBJ

    I get that and what he did is unforgivable. But.... to suggest his point of view doesn't matter or doesn't hold weight is absurd.
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    Leonard Little in support of CBJ

    Assuming how anyone else should feel or what their opinion should be is a nice sign of a self-absorbed douche. Which you clearly are. I wouldn't defend Leonard Little but his opinion is much more relevant to Tenn football than your pissant view.
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    I spoke with JRM hour after game.......

    I think everyone should feel better about it now

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