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  1. aaronvol

    Dabo backpedaling now

    I'll bring the mustard.
  2. aaronvol

    Vols at #5 CFP tonight? Nope, they're #7

    if he is right....a new legend has been born.
  3. aaronvol

    Mizzou WR Dominic Lovett entering the portal

    We are those types.
  4. aaronvol

    Mizzou WR Dominic Lovett entering the portal

    I never said we have a problem. He is a fantastic player...especially as a freshman. He would be a wonderful addition. Chill my man. You're attacking for no reason at all.
  5. aaronvol

    ESPN Gameday didn’t discuss the Vols today

    I didn't discuss them either.
  6. aaronvol

    The Official #22 Tennessee vs. #3 Kansas Game Thread, 7:30 PM, ESPN

    Once again, and I say this as I sit across the couch from my beautiful Kansas bride, people have literally no clue what a hillbilly actually is. Mind blowing. Hill "Billies" were Yankees that moved to the mountains post-civil war. It was the name WE gave yanks who moved to the hills. How...
  7. aaronvol

    5-star DL Daevin Hobbs commits to UT

    welcome aboard.
  8. aaronvol

    I think I actually do want SC to beat Clemson this weekend

    SC has reached their mountain is barely higher than our lowest point. It is built on our lowest moment. They will shrink and we will rise. This is the way.
  9. aaronvol

    This has been a long week

    Yeah, I told my gamecock friend that this is as good as it will ever be for him. They are at that place where they celebrate ruining other teams seasons while still accomplishing nothing for themselves. That atleast made me feel a bit better.
  10. aaronvol

    Go Baylor!

    Let's go Bears!!
  11. aaronvol

    Tennessee defensive rankings

    The important number is points given up per possession. In football there are normally equal possessions. Teams have many more possessions when they play us because of our speed and efficiency on offense. This means we probably have the 2nd to 3rd best defense in the league due to Kentucky...
  12. aaronvol

    Texas A&M Mess and the Transfer Portal

    They will find a way to rid themselves of jimbo.
  13. aaronvol

    Why did we schedule @ Ohio State for an opener

    So...Tennessee will probably make it into the playoffs. Exciting times on Rocky Top.
  14. aaronvol

    LV Worst Season Start In Years

    Looking from the outside in as one who doesn't really care for LV basketball...She is not that great of a coach. It's easy to see and I don't understand why anyone is shocked. Personally.
  15. aaronvol

    Dylan Sampson looked great

    The best RB we have with the ball in his hands.
  16. aaronvol

    This is happening in several weeks...

    Keep watching. Jimbo gone.

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