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  1. ScornedPapaVol

    Whose team has bigger flaws?

    The Florida game turned out with us leading nearly though out and them needing a miracle @ the end, with our best weapon on the shelf. I think CJH acquitted himself very well in that game. What lesson is this you speak of? We will almost certainly be in some close ball games in conference. Want...
  2. ScornedPapaVol

    Did Missouri find a formula or was it a one-off?

    Formula -- A boring road trip to a desolate area of the midwest will lull the giant to sleep. Then the halftime dog-cussing by the coaching staff will wake the giant and all is well @ the end. To be the man, you have to beat the man. There is no secret sauce. Just whip his ass...
  3. ScornedPapaVol

    Baylor Hires Temple Coach Matt Rhule

    Thought I was seeing things...😂
  4. ScornedPapaVol

    Alabama Game Visitors (thread)

    line em up at midnight, just win baby!
  5. ScornedPapaVol

    Alabama Game Visitors (thread)

    If we only move up one spot for beating LSU on the road, then I will be shocked. I think if we win down there that Alabama @ Tennessee is a top 5 matchup....
  6. ScornedPapaVol

    ‘23 MS WR Ayden Williams

    Tennessee has to win over these top level guys by winning on the field and showing the class of our operation. These classes will get better and better under CJH until we're the ones on the top of the recruiting rankings. We have to show it on the field. And we have an excellent opportunity...
  7. ScornedPapaVol

    Early line on LSU is Vols -4.5

    He consistently out ran the pursuit around the edge. With relative ease at times.
  8. ScornedPapaVol

    LSU at tiger stadium toughest test this year

    All they have to do is line up and play. They have good talent. They won't be a pushover. We have to do down there about business and bring back a win. I'm interested in seeing us play a big game that is not Florida. And we certainly get our chance in the next two weeks....
  9. ScornedPapaVol

    Slow your roll….

  10. ScornedPapaVol

    Slow your roll….

    Especially the posters who bring in their thinly veiled negativity and then look for co-signers....
  11. ScornedPapaVol

    Bama game time -3:30 CBS

    Hoping for a win.
  12. ScornedPapaVol

    LSU has terrible line play

    Florida protected well overall and beat our coverage downfield (450 passing yards). Byron Young had a remarkable effort against AR that was not stat related but he kept Florida from hitting even more big plays. We need our line to be dominant and not leave our secondary out to dry. This game can...
  13. ScornedPapaVol

    LSU has terrible line play

    Florida had many instances of excellent pass protection against us, up until that last play.
  14. ScornedPapaVol

    Is LSU a trap game?

    They have faced losing. They aren't anymore ready than we are. Not even.
  15. ScornedPapaVol

    Did anyone else find it regurgitating to pull for Kiffin yesterday??

    Wanted Kentucky out from above us in the polls. So I'm glad they lost. I do
  16. ScornedPapaVol

    Did anyone else find it regurgitating to pull for Kiffin yesterday??

    I don't hate Kiffin. I don't ever necessarily pull for him to win either.
  17. ScornedPapaVol

    Is LSU a trap game?

    Tennessee has too much to prove to have "trap" games yet.
  18. ScornedPapaVol

    Vols in the Top 10?

    The SEC should have a league standard, so that can't happen..
  19. ScornedPapaVol

    Arizona State @ #6 USC

    75 better things to do.
  20. ScornedPapaVol

    #1 UGA (4-0)@ Missouri (2-2)

    He better dial one up here..

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