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  1. peyton4heisman

    Caption this photo

    Photo was taken by me at the game when we were up by 17 points and the nearby UT fans were shaking their keys at the FL fans (my section was FF, right next to GG (FL section)
  2. peyton4heisman

    Florida Fans…

    Florida Man can’t understand why you would ever go for 1 when 2 is clearly bigger than 1. Stupid TN Hillbillies obviously don’t know maff
  3. peyton4heisman

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    TN 37 FL 24 26 completions
  4. peyton4heisman

    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    I prefer a scenario where it’s not close and florida gets beaten and mud-stomped and scored on by every player on the team, including Squirrel.
  5. peyton4heisman

    Tillman out?

    It’s not that Akron was going low on our guys. Hendon was throwing high all night, forcing our receivers to jump up to get it.
  6. peyton4heisman

    Seat question

    Hey thank you! I’m gonna get them and hope for the best! GBO and see you guys there next weekend!
  7. peyton4heisman

    Seat question

    Hey guys sorry for the thread but I’ve got a chance to get GG row 9 tix. Are these in the FL section or no? I’ve read some site that say they are and some sites say visitors are only on higher rows of GG
  8. peyton4heisman

    The Official Johnny Majors Classic Game Thread: #24 Tennessee @ #17 Pittsburgh, 3:30 PM ET, ABC

    Well boys n girls… we are 2-0. Some of us may have nearly had aneurysms, but we are 2-0. GBO and let’s just hope it isn’t as stressful next week
  9. peyton4heisman

    The Official Johnny Majors Classic Game Thread: #24 Tennessee @ #17 Pittsburgh, 3:30 PM ET, ABC

    Very sloppy. But at this point I’ll take a 3-pt win
  10. peyton4heisman

    Tennessee tattoos

    Not mine, butt this was one is pretty epic! I had to take a pic of it and share on FB before the FL game in 2018!
  11. peyton4heisman

    Shamurad Umarov is ALL VOL

    class shaping up
  12. peyton4heisman

    Shamurad Umarov is ALL VOL

    Boom! WGWTFA
  13. peyton4heisman

    Why can't we get any offensive commitments?

    Probably whenever we get a coach who knows offense
  14. peyton4heisman

    Rise Glorious

    Perhaps you prefer “rise like heck”?
  15. peyton4heisman

    2020 Bama loss vs 2021 Bama loss

    Let me start by saying for all the people who have a problem with the “bs moral victory threads” that someone kindly asked that nobody start: sorry but this is one of those. I’m not calling it a “moral victory” but I will say this: The 2020 Bama loss felt awful. It was embarrassing and I spent...
  16. peyton4heisman

    No Cable. Vols streaming discussion. [merged]

    Apologies if a thread exists already, but any advice on how and where to stream the game for those of us who cut cable long ago? I also do not have Hulu+, YouTube tv, etc
  17. peyton4heisman

    Ainge Today - getting excited

    We gonna whip they ass! (I had to post for the first time this year just to say that.)
  18. peyton4heisman

    Freak, can we get a sticky transfer portal thread?

    I’m guessing that’s why there hasn’t been any response!

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