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  1. BigALWiLson

    How many points scored is "good offense" & how many points given up is "good defense"?

    None of this matters but what is on the scoreboard. You either win or lose. I prefer to win even if it 2-0 Vols. Each and every match up has a different outcome. The goal this week is 5-0 who gives a damn if it is O/ D or special teams score more than the other team
  2. BigALWiLson

    Tillman Update

    I think its time for Hyatt to have a big time SEC game. LSU is as soft as wet sh1t paper in the middle of the field. 😅
  3. BigALWiLson

    LSU Roll Call

    631 Ooltewah, with the wife. Looking forward to some good food and football
  4. BigALWiLson

    Tillman recovering from "tightrope" ankle surgery

    The procedure now is common for this injury.
  5. BigALWiLson

    Smokey Greys For LSU confirmed

    Hell yes
  6. BigALWiLson

    What other message boards are saying (LSU Edition)

    Pitt got beat to sh1t playing us. Losing their RB1 against GT screwed them because Slovis hasnt been right since he played us
  7. BigALWiLson

    Tillman recovering from "tightrope" ankle surgery

    No offense but in your not a finely tuned athlete then or now. Also who said he had a tear ? Thats a first. The tight rope procedure is actually used to take the strain off the ligaments so that it properly heals. Thats why its pretty neat actually. It is also a faster way to deal with High...
  8. BigALWiLson

    Whose team has bigger flaws?

    Meh, I think we win but it will be a scrap unless we get a few breaks early and capitalize
  9. BigALWiLson

    Is LSU a trap game?

    Lol trap game ? No just hell no. We better come to play for 60..... Now, it could get ugly sure. I think it will be another hard fought game. We can only hope that we put it all together this week. I am actually traveling down to this game for the first time ever and I am not sure what to expect...
  10. BigALWiLson

    Watching Nico

    And the only thing you have proven is that you sir are a complete ass hole.... I thought I had my moments also but Nico is one of the top 5 prospects in the entire class. He has shown up and showed put at every camp this summer and earned his rankings.... Unlike the Manning boy. So hats off for...
  11. BigALWiLson

    Georgia is NOT unbeatable!!!

    Why do I give. Single Fk what anyone outside our fan base thinks ? Our players shouldnt either, we have everything we need right in State. Facilities, Fans, Marketing, Spyre. And please for the love of everything KY is going to get the hell beat out of them in Neyland
  12. BigALWiLson

    Georgia is NOT unbeatable!!!

    Logical people should realize this. Excessive alcohol use cause Fahr Heupel threads. But yes I expect to roll a couple teams soon. UGA and Bama are not among those. Can we beat them hell yes we can if we play well. Their is not a single team on OUR schedule we can NOT beat. I am pretty sure Heup...
  13. BigALWiLson

    Georgia is NOT unbeatable!!!

    Let people believe what they want about this TEAM and last I checked we have just as much right to believe as the sours in the group saying it wont happen. We have a chance every week. Lets see what happens
  14. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    Imo no
  15. BigALWiLson

    #1 UGA (4-0)@ Missouri (2-2)

  16. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    These teams are not good
  17. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    Ball game
  18. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    Ill believe that when I see with Auburn doing the dumb crap they have been doing.
  19. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    Auburn pissed this game away with stupid ass decisions
  20. BigALWiLson

    LSU vs Auburn

    Obviously I meant to use blue font on 300... Hyatt can absolutely feast this next week along with a few others

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