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  1. hjeagle1vol

    Update on LSU QB

    there’s your answer on the players only cry session WGWTFA
  2. hjeagle1vol

    viewing spot in Rome, Italy?

    Cool City Rome…
  3. hjeagle1vol

    Slow your roll….

    Coming out party Saturday
  4. hjeagle1vol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Tremendously interesting list…Vols@3 TCU @4, James Madison @11, UCLA@14 🤔
  5. hjeagle1vol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Smoked Bengal Tiger 🐅 and Gumpbo 🤙🏻💯
  6. hjeagle1vol


    Laid a lil $$$ on Juan 💪✅
  7. hjeagle1vol

    ORANGE 🍊 out!!!

    Seems to be working well For them 👀
  8. hjeagle1vol

    Kentucky (maybe)*edit* got screwed on last play

    Good…hate Kensucky and it Helps Vols
  9. hjeagle1vol

    Oklahoma Potential Replacements (2025)

    We better lock CJH into a long term 7.5M contract so they can’t steal him away when Coach Vegetables fails miserably
  10. hjeagle1vol


    Yea my money on the over and big game teddy right now
  11. hjeagle1vol

    What kind of snake is this?

    Would you rather kiss a hooded cobra on the lips or a bunny rabbit twixed the ears?
  12. hjeagle1vol

    What did you have for dinner II?

    Pbj, hot rinds, Amish sweet fire pickles and peanut butter pretzel sticks
  13. hjeagle1vol

    Official predictions thread

    Love some BG blues….totally getting a spot on a tat soon
  14. hjeagle1vol

    '24 GA ATH KingJoseph Edwards

    Most excellent last name 🤙🏻
  15. hjeagle1vol

    Smokey Grays in Baton Rouge?

    high wipers imo
  16. hjeagle1vol

    The Dugout - General Topics, Chat, Random Photos and Memes.......No Politics

    Man Vols tweet Department Been good lately…I was hoping they’d come back with the ….

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