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    Cupcake or No Cupcake for Game 1?

    As a fan I want a top team. For the program, at this time, a cupcake is probably better. However these schedules are usually made several years in advance. Although it wasn’t an opener, the Ok series was great as a fan.
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    Favorite Season Opener Memories?

    My 1st game in Neyland was actually a JV game. Tenn vs ND. The only details I remember was how big the stadium was and how freezing cold it was. Very few fans. My 1st varsity game was Majors first season (I think). Tenn vs Oregon St. Jimmy Streater had a big TD run to lead Tenn to a...
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    Another Heup Vid!!

    CJH understands the importance of fans. Wants us engaged with this program.
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    Espn new commercial kinda puts things in prospective no?

    Gotta remember there are lots of schools with larger enrollments. Fl and tosu are above 50K if I’m not mistaken. States are also much more populated than Tennnessee.
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    Coach Heupel interview

    Any coach worth his salt knows footbal. The best coaches work their magic phycologically. Build a team based on trust and love for each other. This builds respect for coach and player alike. This creates winning which leads to recruiting better players. Trying to win with talent alone...
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    Asking for prayers

    Prayers being said.
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    Roman Harper says

    Always have a lot of “what ifs” both Tenn and opponents. Injuries the biggest. Based on no injuries for or against, I like Tenn and 9 wins. Lost multiple games by one score last year, played with Bama through 3 qtr, and Tenn offensive line and RBs were beat up most of the season...
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    What's the word on Milton?

    Not degrading Milton anymore than fans looking over T. Jackson. If he had the attitude of many fans, he would have seen Nico commit and backed out of his commitment. All of the guys deserve respect for coming to Tenn. Super starters to walk ons. My point was saying fans should respect...
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    What's the word on Milton?

    Just a question. Who is more loyal to Tenn? Milton who “may“ play, or Navy Shuler who transferred in, giving up a starting position, just to be part of the team? Honest answer please.
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    What's the word on Milton?

    I agree. Maybe not games 1 or 2 but sooner than later. Listen to Heupel talk about him after the 2nd scrimmage. Does that sound like the description (or lack of) a 4th year D1 quarterback. I see Jackson being as good as most on here thought he would. An excellent QB with top skills...
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    Zona Gonna Try Him (JG at QB)

    Based on 5 seasons of college film, I cannot understand any NFL coach let JG throw late to a starting WRer. They are taking a real chance of losing them for an extended period of time. Them league DBs know how to hit breaking up passes. See, no downing JG.
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    Realistic Expectations and goals.

    Can’t predict injuries we might have or injuries other teams might have. Based on no injuries to the 2 deep for us or our opponents, we should finish 9-3 and possibly 10-2 We were in every game last year. Our depth and injuries at RB, OL, and LBer were devastating with our depth. In almost...
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    I love Gilbert and Beck but…

    These guys will quickly lose that attitude in pro ball. In pro ball (even the minors) the opposing pitcher will straighten them out. You pull that bat flip, taking a bow crap against other players trying to move up the system, your next at bat will get you 1 at the ear hole or fastball in...
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    Our centers

    Mich kid was a tuff matchup for anybody. Not just tall but extremely strong compared to our guys. With him hitting both jumpers and inside, few guys could have handled him in that game. I still prefer great guard play over inside guys. Just a bad matchup on a day our guards couldn't hit...
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    AA Tourney/AA Football Playoffs

    Watching so many lower seeds beat the higher seeds (even a team who finished 6th in their conference) it got me thinking about the talk concerning expanding the number of teams in the football playoffs. Very few could argue that UCLA has the most talent during their incredible run. But the...
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    What type of money would we need to come up with NIL money to entice Chandler to stay another year?

    Maybe ever?????? Bernard King ring a bell. All time NBA team. Tore up a knee, came back to win POY and I think led the league in scoring.
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    Next year / this year

    The most improved this year is hard to say. There are several contenders. However my vote goes to JJJ. He is the best defender Tenn has against the 2, 3, and 4 positions. He is an excellent rebounder, and could be a better than average scorer if he were not so unselfish. He may be the team...
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    UCLA beats Texas, Baylor beats LSU

    With Tidwell or similar arm, along with the other pitchers, this team has the potential to win it all. In Omaha everybody is good. Last year we were a great arm short of advancing. Omaha is all about pitching.
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    If we don't figure out these offensive scoring slumps,

    Easily agree. All of the others have hands of stone and struggle shooting 3 footers. When Fulky is playing the 5 spot, at least the opposing center has to guard him.
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    The Official #16 Tennessee vs. #4 Kentucky Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I had extremely high hopes for Powell but at this time in his career he is just not ready. Maybe he is not a major option in this offense, but he basically just finds a spot on one side of the offense and stands there waiting for a wide open set shot. Not sure why he isn't working hard (...

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