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    Cupcake or No Cupcake for Game 1?

    Having a tough opening game forces more urgency and hard work in fall camp. Gives your guys more motivation and less procrastination. You must be prepared… not “we’ll get there eventually.” How much confidence can you really gain when you know you just beat a significantly lesser opponent...
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    If Vols have surprise season would Arch Manning reconsider?

    SIAP - if he said no to National Champions Georgia, why would he say yes to an 11 win Vols?
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    What's the word on Milton?

    Been checking the flight tracker all day. He's still in Knoxville.
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    Tennessee football didn't make the Top 25. But it would beat these 4 ranked teams

    1) I agree it shouldn't matter. Honestly, I don't think they should rank anyone until after week 4. BUT AP Poll Preseason rankings are the "starting point" for all future rankings, and has an impact on the narrative going forward. Example - Notre Dame is NOT a top 5 team, come on... but...
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    10-2: I don’t see 3 losses on this schedule

    Neither did South Carolina last year
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    You Bet Your @ss, Week 1

    What’s the logic in picking the under?
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    You Bet Your @ss, Week 1

    LSU game is in Death Valley on Sunday Night. Might be hard not to lay the money on LSU. Edit: game is in NOLA, but logic still applies
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    You Bet Your @ss, Week 1

    Looking at current lines for week 1 games, are there any you’re betting the farm on? Interested in: Utah (-2) @ UF… a lot of unknowns here on Florida’s side. Game is in the swamp, but Utah has a lot of returning guys from last year’s squad. Leaning Utah. FSU @ LSU (-2.5) Hard to imagine a team...
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    South Carolina game

    Where are you buying 2lbs of chicken wings for $89? Not Costco, probably.
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    What record would make you worry?

    Record means less to me than the product on the field. A bounce of a ball (or a bad call from the refs) can easily mean the difference between a W and an L. 5-7 but fighting hard is better than 7-5 and winning ugly. At least as far as the direction of the program as a whole is concerned. I...
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    Anonymous SEC Coaches Article

    Keep in mind it just says SEC Coaches, not SEC HEAD Coaches. These comments could come from the co-Special Teams coach at Missouri for all we know.
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    This is the best I’ve felt about the program forever it seems. Agree?

    Does seem things are moving in a positive direction. Healing some of the past. Future is bright.
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    14 questions: SEC

    SEC East 1. Florida - will Anthony Richardson develop into a good QB? No 2. Georgia - can Georgia reload on defense to contend for another national title? Yes 3. Kentucky - why is Will Levis so highly regarded? No idea 4. Missouri - Who will start at QB for the Tigers? No Clue 5. South Carolina...
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    Media Days - What will your reaction be?

    So whats-his-face Takeo, the new analyst guy, thinks USCjr. is going to beat Georgia this year. If that's the case, that could certainly put them up to at least the #2 spot. Better question is how would we feel if the media votes South Carolina to finish above UT this year? I don't...
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    Being Hated

    Who’s whose big brother??
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    Some of the Baseball Regulars Help me out on an Ump question

    Yes - it does exist. I've only seen it for the pros though, can't find anything for the NCAA level. Umpire Scorecards | Games
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    Pretty… Pretty good tier for Hooker

    He’s Tier 2a - the “What’s a guy gotta do to get some love around here” Tier
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    #1 class???

    Starting to feel a lot like May 2020 in here...
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    2022 preseason prediction

    10-2 is my prediction, with losses to UGA and Bama. Where I'll deviate from previous comments is that I think South Carolina will be a tougher game than we think. The game is in Columbia (loud, tough place to play) and they have Spencer Rattler as a transfer QB. Beamer was building a solid...
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    In retrospect to 2021…. man Heupel had some bad luck

    UGA game wasn't really all that close, but I would replace this point with something like: "New offense went against a generational UGA defense that was one of the best in history with a record number of NFL Draft picks." Would give a lot of money to put Florida on the schedule at the end of...

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