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  1. PureVol

    Referees caused this mess

    Rough night for sure. Hopefully we can quickly get this all behind us and get back to where Tennessee belongs.
  2. PureVol

    Referees caused this mess

    I don't justify it. It was horrible and there is zero excuse for it. I just meant that the comment said everyone is responsible for their own actions, and then proceeded to group all Tennessee fans into being classless and toxic
  3. PureVol

    Referees caused this mess

    That's a weird thing to say
  4. PureVol

    BYU game

    Sorry, they are going to crush us.
  5. PureVol

    Kansas or Marquette?

    Kansas. Much better for us.
  6. PureVol

    I change my prediction

    Me too. That's what happens when I start drinking.
  7. PureVol

    All things SEC tournament

    To be fair, would have been tough either way. We got this.
  8. PureVol

    All things SEC tournament

    No they are both really good teams. this game is really just kind of a toss up for us IMO
  9. PureVol

    All things SEC tournament

    It's hard to say. I would love to beat Florida to get to the finals, but Arkansas would probably be a bit of an easier game tomorrow. I have a hard time cheering for Florida though, so I'm going with Arkansas in this one.
  10. PureVol

    Butch Jones rumored to be in Tuscaloosa

    Because we play them every year
  11. PureVol

    Heisman presentation. Stick it where the sun don't shine

    Only 20? You are just breaking it in.
  12. PureVol

    Who does Pruitt play for?

    It's called being professional and doing the right thing. If you are just going to jump from job to job and not give your previous employer notice, you are going to have a hard time. You seem young, so you should really use this as a learning thing.
  13. PureVol

    CJP and year 1..

    I think we lost games due to coaching. We are way better talent-wise than a lot of the teams we lost to. My point is, with the right coach, we will be better than 6-6 next year. Otherwise, something is wrong already.
  14. PureVol

    Pruitt was awesome in the press conference

    I think we finally have a football coach
  15. PureVol

    100% Homerun Hire

    I'm ready to run through a brick wall
  16. PureVol

    Offer Saban, Urban, Dabo, Petersen, ect.

    I assume you aren't a manager or owner of a company.
  17. PureVol

    New Info On Jimmy Haslam & Pilot

    Sheetz>Wawa.....But that's a different argument.
  18. PureVol


    I know, but why? That's what I don't understand. It just doesn't make any sense.
  19. PureVol


    Maybe not him specifically, but my point is that we need to go after a good coach. This is the University of Tennessee...why do we keep bringing in what we are?
  20. PureVol


    Why can't we hire a good coach? I also follow Penn State and PSU went through some serious stuff and now ranked #2. What is up with us? I realize it is the coaching...but why hasn't that been resolved for 11 years? It just makes me very sad and embarrassed.

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