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  1. EricberryFAN

    Caption This Photo!

    How does that taste?
  2. EricberryFAN

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    30 UT 27 FL 26 completions
  3. EricberryFAN

    Storm the field or act like we’ve been there?

    I'm for storming the field if it's in those scenarios but this would probably be embarrassing since they're already lost one. I felt since we came back and beat Florida in 2016, we could have stormed the field then but we didn't.
  4. EricberryFAN

    Storm the field or act like we’ve been there?

    You only maybe storm the field when you beat a top 5 team. Or you beat a top 10 team and you're absolute garbage. Neither of those come into play here. Orrrr a miracle play IMO
  5. EricberryFAN

    Calloway ejected

    It's the disrespect. All Callaway did was pop him back in the helmet lol. You get the point
  6. EricberryFAN

    We will kill Florida.

    Let's actually beat them a couple times before we talk s***. It's like the equivalent of Kentucky football talking s*** to us.
  7. EricberryFAN

    Calloway ejected

    Absolutely but you're gonna be emotional mature when someone pops you in the mouth? Lol yeah, not me.
  8. EricberryFAN

    Calloway ejected

    You know, some people can't take the high road once they're swung on first. I don't blame him. May be the unpopular opinion but if I'm out there playing a game and someone swings on me...welll, I can't blame him.
  9. EricberryFAN

    JT Shrout QB start

    He's actually a pretty good QB. I watched him a couple weeks ago or maybe last week. He had a beautiful TD pass at least 60 yards I believe. Looked like another video of him throwing to Marquez Callaway in stride. It a couple WR on perfect out routes to the sideline.
  10. EricberryFAN

    Danny White(Energy Vampire Quote) Butch Jones shade?

    I see! Thanks for the info!
  11. EricberryFAN

    Danny White(Energy Vampire Quote) Butch Jones shade?

    I love this dude man 😂
  12. EricberryFAN

    We Will Murder LSU

    Yeah I would definitely hold off on saying we will murder LSU atm. Way too early and they're very talented. Time will be more telling for me
  13. EricberryFAN

    Vols vs Pitt & FL

    I'm more worried about PITT than FL. JMO though.
  14. EricberryFAN


    Guys, Florida played UTAH!! AR is talented but Utah could have easily won that game and they don't get any 4 or 5 stars lol. Chill I still think 8-4 or 9-3 but don't get the hype over FL beating UTAH
  15. EricberryFAN

    Halftime show!

    I was disappointed. They hyped it up saying going to be like a concert and something like no other team has.. It's multiple spotlights spinning? Silly...but oh well.
  16. EricberryFAN

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ball State*****

    49 Vols 13 Ball 259 passing
  17. EricberryFAN

    Not the time or place....

    I mean, I'd root for him to win. I hate Ohio State.
  18. EricberryFAN

    If Vols have surprise season would Arch Manning reconsider?

    I mean, how are we supposed to know that lol. Nico is better for this system anyway. I don't think we would even recruit him unless Nico left.
  19. EricberryFAN

    What's the word on Milton?

    Honestly, I hope we whoop some teams so bad he gets some PT and comes in and shows out.

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