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  1. LeBleu

    Slow your roll….

    Why not enjoy it while it happens or you'll miss real opportunities of enjoyment for something else.
  2. LeBleu

    Volnation annoying sayings and pet peeves

    It's a weird one but for some reason I think it's annoying when People post " First " in the practice threads. . . . Of all the things on earth to be annoyed at. lol
  3. LeBleu

    CheckerNeyland image

    It has been photoshopped, but not for that. lol
  4. LeBleu

    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    Dang, sorry to hear that, Keep fighting man.
  5. LeBleu

    Tim Banks

    I wonder if the personnel in at the time only knew certain blitz packages or something like that and it made him go more conservative?
  6. LeBleu

    ART/CREATIVE THREAD ( all skill levels welcome )

    Nice, I've been planning to post in here too. lol My thumb has been bothering me though. Got some nice color blends back there. Is this color pencil?
  7. LeBleu

    Week 5: Kentucky vs. Ole Miss

    You make a good point.
  8. LeBleu

    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    @DeerPark12 I wonder if anyone at Tennessee has noticed that awhile back UTEP changed there orange away from theirs to really close to ours, and under certain lights, hit the same shades? ( It makes be aggravated a little that they did it. lol ) I only ask out of curiosity since a lot of...
  9. LeBleu

    Fire all the SEC refs!

    It looked like a conga line on that one. lol EDIT: If that's the one where he had a guy in the front and back
  10. LeBleu

    We're 4 and 0 and I'm Pis_ _ed!

    Why isn't this staff fired yet? Perfect or nothing! I don't care about no streak. . . Also Who let the nuts out of the nuthouse, running around celebrating even though florduh had some success with their witchcraft?
  11. LeBleu

    So the blue font came true.

    I can't do it either, and that's for any game. It's to cut throat for me. haha
  12. LeBleu

    So the blue font came true.

    Florida came in and played hard, and Anthony Richardson Played the game of his life. However finally It didn't matter!!! Woo! ( I have a massive tension head ache from this game though. lol )
  13. LeBleu

    *****Freak's night before the Akron game, admittedly off topic thread

    I'll post it in the art thread in the pub. I don't want to Necro this thread. lol I'll post it soon, I stopped because my thumb has been acting up.
  14. LeBleu

    New member here.

    But have you been to Hammers? As they say," you've never officially been to Clinton until you've been to Hammers."
  15. LeBleu

    *****Freak's night before the Akron game, admittedly off topic thread

    Had fried chicken and all the standard sides, and local honey for the biscuits. It randomly hit me to draw General Neyland since I've never done that, and found a cool reference, and let that pencil kungfu commence. I'm dumb. lol
  16. LeBleu

    LSU putting tickets on their website tomorrow 9/15

    I moved away as a kid and came back for a little bit as a teen. I'm in KY now but spent a lot of time just outside of Knoxville. I do miss going to boudin shops and stuff like that though. lol I still have some relatives that play the local music scenes down there. If you gone dancing there...
  17. LeBleu

    All Orange for Akron

    Yes, like when you pick your uniform before a game on there. That's at least what I think of.
  18. LeBleu

    A rational perspective...

    So Colin Robinson is an energy vampire character from a TV show about vampires living together, and trolls online to feed on the people in comment sections and threads. So it's more about making that connection to this obvious Troll thread the op started.

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