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  1. RollinVol

    Any Guesses on this years October Surprise?

    With the election next month. There is always an October Surprise. So what are your guesses for this years? Lets hear them
  2. RollinVol

    Tennessee -7 over Florida

    Part of me says just win by 1 for all I care. Just win. The other part says make it a score like yesterday.
  3. RollinVol

    Scott Frost fired at Nebraska

    Lance Leipold from Kansas. Money talks and WAY bigger job. And saw a stat the other week. If Scott Frost would have won his next 50 games. He still would have had a worse record than Bo Pelini
  4. RollinVol

    Is mayor Pete on the hot seat?

    you mean the guy who couldn't get potholes filled in one city is failing on a national level?
  5. RollinVol

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    I wonder how many people across the world died of covid in the hospital vs. died of "covid" in the hospital and the hospital got a boatload of money
  6. RollinVol

    2022 U.S. Senate Races

    Yes. Ministers can get a housing allowance. But you have to itemize everything and show where it went
  7. RollinVol

    Scott Frost fired at Nebraska

    You mean $16.5 million. The buyout was $15 million before Oct 1 and 7.5 after.
  8. RollinVol

    Georgia southern at Nebraska

    Frost buyout goes from $15 million to $7.5 million if he is fired after October 1st. So he has a few more games left to coach
  9. RollinVol

    Check out Parmanti Brother's downtown Pittsburgh

    They had one in Indy a few years ago. It was awesome
  10. RollinVol

    Queen Elizabeth II has passed.

    Sad to hear. Do you think Charles will ascend to the throne or will he let William have it. I know that was a topic a few years ago
  11. RollinVol

    VN's very own political meme thread...

  12. RollinVol

    A Conspiracy You Believe or Wouldn't Be Shocked If Real

    Presidents are appointed not really voted on
  13. RollinVol


    That is just right up the road from me. I would never eat anything there. They would probably have to burn the property down, bleach it, and burn it some more before I would think about it.
  14. RollinVol

    Pro-Russia Trump Led Republicans Vote Against NATO

    Bunch of lightweights. We send (funnel back) like 60 billion.
  15. RollinVol

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    I completely get that. My fear is it locks us in another massive contract. And with all the top money we are lying out. It leaves no room for depth. I think you have to try to trade RyJo out and free up a little room, to make some room for this trade to happen.
  16. RollinVol

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    I don't think that matters. its still an 8.5aav, which means that's what the number will be on the salary cap in the final years
  17. RollinVol

    Is The 1/6 Commission Coming?

    So if Trump calls an old friend that could be witness tampering. Because how did Trump know they have been called. They haven’t even identified who they are calling.

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