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  1. Winchester73

    Georgia is NOT unbeatable!!!

    I don’t think we are looking thru the proverbial rose colored glasses. SURELY everyone knows that we are PROBABLY NOT going to win the NC this year. If we lose 3-4 games are we seriously going to call for CJH to be fired ? Any lose will be a disappointment, sure. I just don’t get anyone...
  2. Winchester73

    What % shot we have making playoffs with 0-1-2 losses

    1 loss I believe will get us in. Lots of good scenarios guys - good job.
  3. Winchester73

    That 0-9 Rule

    Not sure how old some of you are or how much you have followed sports in general. But I’ve rooted for and watched a lot of ball and a lot of teams. I’m ALWAYS hopeful “my“ team wins it all. (And what a ride that is when it happens!) … Sometimes teams find a way to win but the VAST majority...
  4. Winchester73

    That 0-9 Rule

    I agree. But we need to get that relentless assault you speak of in play against these SEC opponents. Question: Do you guys think CJH is smart enough to game plan against one team while at the same time, be setting up another opponent ? I’m wondering if there’s some hidden coaching...
  5. Winchester73

    Hooker draft summary

    If he plays out this seasons 8+ games like he has the previous 8 games … he will be a 1st or 2nd round pick. He has talent - and I don’t see our offense getting labeled as a system in year 2 … maybe after year 3 or 4. Who would you rather have 1st rounder Kenny Pickett or Hooker ???
  6. Winchester73

    Unleash the Kraken!!!

    kra·ken noun an enormous mythical sea monster said to appear off the coast of Norway.
  7. Winchester73

    Ole Miss Love Affair Hits a Rocky Spot?

    Wonder if someone wishes he was still coaching HOME games at Neyland ?
  8. Winchester73

    That 0-9 Rule

    Haven’t y’all heard of Cinderella ??? I choose to believe my team is the best and anything COULD happen. Let’s ENJOY the ride and HOPE for the best!! IF - big IF here, if we can get a lead and a couple of timely stops and turnovers … YES we can win these games. We can also go 8-4 just the...
  9. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  10. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  11. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  12. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  13. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  14. Winchester73

    LSU look a likes

  15. Winchester73

    DG's Thoughts after Week 4

    It’s unreal what some of these kids are able to do with the football. I remember watching game highlights from the 80s and if a team was ahead by more than a FG with 2-3 minutes left they usually won. Point is, we’re going to see more and more games like this. Playing and executing defense is...
  16. Winchester73

    Dawg fan

    Welcome ! Some of that back talk is kidding. But yes some can be just plain jerks. Every fan base has them.
  17. Winchester73

    DG's Thoughts after Week 4

    Good post. I think everyone should go back and watch the highlights … just the highlights. AR and the receivers played the game of their lives. Maybe UK is a little better than we gave them credit ? Maybe Fl was overlooking USF and thinking about us? Last year we got them at their best...

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