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  1. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    Is M'Pemba still visiting? If yes, please let it be THIS WEEKEND.
  2. 1989Vol

    Uncle Lou rants on Sunbelt Billy

    1. That POS hates Tennessee 2. That POS has 4-5 DUI arrests 3. I've lost a close family member to a DUI driver. 4. His name and anything about him should never be mentioned on this message board ever again Just my personal opinion.
  3. 1989Vol

    We're gonna blow Florida out of the building

    A win is a win. We've had better talent many times before and lost. I am terrified that it could happen again. We are on the verge of really getting this program going and THIS GAME is HUGE. One stinking W in 17 games comes to an end Saturday in Knoxville. One game at a time boys. GBO
  4. 1989Vol

    Any updates on Tillman?

    NO....we do not. If his injury is a high ankle sprain he needs to REST. Last evening on "talking Vols" it was said Tillman may be out 3-5 weeks. Don't shoot the messenger, just repeating what was said in the program CHAT. We have plenty of talent at WR to beat UF. GBO
  5. 1989Vol

    gators have a “very good gameplan” for Hooker…..

    We're about to find out if our D is for real and honestly this is our only true question we have left to answer. Then again UF should honestly be 0-3 right now and destroying them "might not" reveal anything about our defense. I want a great big "0" on their side of the scoreboard when the final...
  6. 1989Vol

    Tennessee favored by 4.5 over Pitt But I do think we cover the spread by 10-14 pts!
  7. 1989Vol

    Will we be ranked?

    Gonna predict we will be ranked somewhere between #19-23 but BEHIND the dayum lucky lizards.
  8. 1989Vol

    Florida better than expected?

    All I saw was a porus defense, Utes RBs ran all through the lizards and were up/down the field all day. Then there was that gift INT with seconds left by the Utah QB who was going for the W. Lizards all pumped with their lucky W but it's just a matter of time until Heupel and the Vols bloody...
  9. 1989Vol

    Here's how every SEC football team will fare in 2022 standings

    Utes gifted uf that win yesterday and all of cfb saw it. Now the lizards think they are world beaters. We will beat Napier's team like a drum.
  10. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    I was thinking the exact same thing about you. I mean, hey, you have the word "Georgia" in your sentence so that means you're a supporter right? Nothing I have ever posted here on VN shows loyalty to any rival. Stay in your lane sport.
  11. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ Since Kirby Smart arrived in Athens ........I'm SICK of it. Hoping for double digit wins which will get 4-5 star recruits' looking at us more seriously instead of our rivals.
  12. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    Let me clarify.....................WHEN is the last time we won a recruiting battle against GEORGIA?
  13. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    When is the last time we won a recruiting battle? We NEED this young man.
  14. 1989Vol

    ‘23 AL WDE Tomarrion Parker

    Wut? Not on defense we don't.
  15. 1989Vol

    Let’s start the Florida mockery early

    Could sit here and curse them until my high BP causes a stroke but I'm not going to do it. They currently own us and it's nobodies fault but our own. We've tried everything using 6 coaches since 2004 and our record is 1-16 against them. Many times we have had the better team and still lost. What...
  16. 1989Vol

    Roman Harper explains Tennessee on the rise, Vols to beat Alabama or Georgia

    We better find some defense because both of those teams got better in the past 8 months.
  17. 1989Vol

    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    Everything I've read lately says he's down to ND and the mangy curs.
  18. 1989Vol

    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    We can score the points but can we stop them from scoring more? That's still going to be our problem imo. We need athletes like Gibson to build for the future.
  19. 1989Vol

    Let’s start the Florida mockery early

    We gettin the W this year, that is all.

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