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    Checker Vandy

    I understand there is talk of attempting to checkerboard Vandy’s stadium, which I think would be funny as Hell. Especially since a lot of their fans despise the VOLS and often lurk on here.
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    Josh Heupel show

    I missed it this morning, is it replayed anywhere?
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    Don’t want to read 13 pages Calloway

    Not sure what you are referring to “close”.
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    Don’t want to read 13 pages Calloway

    Is there an SEC rule that will discipline him? Could care less about fan speculation or suggestions of suspension.
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    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    Just for my own information, would love to know if we outbid Bama for Henry T and how much he got the second time around.
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    The Kumar Rocker Mystery

    I think you may be a Vandy boy
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    Transfer Portal for Universities?

    Stumbled onto gold with two QB’s that were 1st round draft choices.
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    Transfer Portal for Universities?

    Just some of their teams will have to realign to stay relevant. Duke, Wake, BC don’t cut it with SOS in the playoff picture. I have little respect for Clemson fans from a bowl game years ago. But in my opinion the SEC will end up a 24 team conference, on SEC and Big 10 survive.
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    Transfer Portal for Universities?

    Let Clemson, Va Tech, Fl State come crawling to Sankey for admission.
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    USC and UCLA to leave Pac 12 for Big Ten

    I hope that Clemson never invited to join the SEC, I just don’t care for their arrogant fans.
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    He’s listening to CCR’s “Who will stop the rain”.
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    SEC Baseball tournament

    If Tennessee is the #1 seed in Hoover, when would they play?
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    SEC Tournament Seeding

    You can make a fortune on “bet”
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    I can answer your second question, pick up 5 fouls.
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    The call you referred to involving JJJ may have been the worst I have ever seen, and I’m pretty dang old.
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    I was thinking more from behind the arc.

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