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  1. AdoptedVOL

    Smokey Greys or Black Unis

    I like an occasional Smokey gray.
  2. AdoptedVOL

    Caption This Photo!

    I'll take the helmet for my trophy shelf
  3. AdoptedVOL

    Florida Game Thoughts

    I have never given up on Tennessee football, even during two decades of very average teams. Being a Vol fan has not been easy at times. Thankfully, this has changed with Huep. I commented to my son midway through this game that Tennessee football was fun to watch again. The offense can march...
  4. AdoptedVOL

    What does it take for us to beat FL this time around?

    Add loud crowd to the list
  5. AdoptedVOL

    Good read on Hooker

    What was his “ lucrative NIL deal”?
  6. AdoptedVOL

    7W 4L 2H

    I knew when I posted was a waste of time. There is no need for another thread with tired “humor” as OP declares. There is nothing new or fresh in this thread that isn’t being said in hundreds of posts in a dozen other threads. Go post your H in one of those threads. My perspective has not...
  7. AdoptedVOL

    7W 4L 2H

    Not sure how this came into this thread but Video I saw was fans throwing trash at the Cowboys players. Not so classy to throw trash at your own players or officials.
  8. AdoptedVOL

    7W 4L 2H

    Just a ridiculous post. There was a controversial call at the end of half during yesterdays LV/Buff NFL playoff game. I won’t go into the details here. What is important is how the Raiders (who were hosed) reacted (below). LIKE ADULTS. Quit the whining and let it go. Vols had so many chances...
  9. AdoptedVOL

    FInal Rant THE MCB PLAY

    “Final rant” thread makes me think of…
  10. AdoptedVOL

    Need Your Opinion (Poll)

    I would not give to an NIL fund that some admin would distribute (if that is legit NIL). I would [have] buy a players book (wink wink), buy a burger named for them (wink wink), buy a named Vol jersey, and perhaps memorabilia. I’d love to have a framed photo (or art) of “the catch” signed by...
  11. AdoptedVOL

    The Josh Heupel offense took down 8 school records in Year 1

    If you watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.
  12. AdoptedVOL

    If you noticed one thing different

    What struck me was how thick and fast Kelee Ringo appeared when he made that interception. Vols could use a couple of those in the back field.
  13. AdoptedVOL

    Josh Palmer gets in on the act

    I like his style. No theatrics after the catch. Just another day at the office.
  14. AdoptedVOL

    NIL Ideas

    There’s a lot of folks on this site who really need to read what is known about NIL. That might stop a lot of the silliness from some of these 🤡.
  15. AdoptedVOL

    NIL Ideas

    A little off topic but I’ve always felt athletes should receive a monthly stipend (call it date money). This would be administered by the NCAA and distributed equally To all D1 schools athletes. All schools would contribute to the fund. These kids can’t work during the season. give them some...
  16. AdoptedVOL

    Learn about NIL

    I'm still waiting to hear from a VN member who is part of the marketing department for a large enterprise on their strategy with regards to NIL. How are they planning and preparing to engage college athletes into their marketing campains? What are some of the key legal considerations when...
  17. AdoptedVOL

    Brian Maurer - Latest Tweet

    Name that NIL deal! Stihl power tools: 1 free chain sharpening for every passing touchdown
  18. AdoptedVOL

    Prayers Needed

    My prayer… That the physicians will have the wisdom of Solomon. All nurses and caregivers will treat her with the Love of Jesus. That Karin will have the courage and faith of Rahab. That all family and those who love her will have the Peace that surpasses all understanding. That her Creator...
  19. AdoptedVOL

    Make It Official: Tennessee Went 8-5 This Season

    I guess I need to go back and watch the game again. Everyone seems to feel we were robbed. I honestly felt we were totally outplayed by a better team on that day. Purdue’s passing game looked like what I’d hoped to see from TN. Purdue had a couple of RBs who were tearing it up and tough to...
  20. AdoptedVOL

    Make It Official: Tennessee Went 8-5 This Season

    And I’ll take a little D with that high scoring offense please.

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