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  1. volahoma

    Summer league box scores

    Many Thanks
  2. volahoma

    Summer league box scores

    Many Thanks
  3. volahoma

    Summer league box scores

    Is there a website that is posting the Summer League box scores? I have looked to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  4. volahoma

    Vols in the NBA Summer League thread

    I'd love to see him reunited with Grant at Boston. They have 3 roster spots and 2 2-way spots open.
  5. volahoma

    BasketVols in the NBA

    Congrats Grant. I saw you last Fall with Fulky and a recruit at Gate 15 at Neyland. I told you how proud I am of you to be a Celtic and in general. I said my hopes were high for the Green to go "all the way". Your reply? "That is the plan." Way to go!
  6. volahoma

    BasketVols in the NBA

    Let's go Celtics!
  7. volahoma

    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    FWIW - Five OU football coaching candidates following the departure of Lincoln Riley to USC
  8. volahoma

    “Idiots in tennessee”

    Have Bert and Bob been saying it wrong too?
  9. volahoma

    JRich to Boston

    Kemba is gone.
  10. volahoma

    JRich to Boston

    Celtics reportedly finalizing trade for Mavericks guard Josh Richardson
  11. volahoma

    Vols in the Pros - This guy at the Celticsblog is a Grant man.

    CelticsBlog exit interview: Grant Williams deserves a fair chance You go Grant!
  12. volahoma

    Pons named as being evaluated by the Celtics

    Check this out... Another five 2021 NBA draft prospects reportedly meet with the Boston Celtics Pretty good analysis of his game.
  13. volahoma

    Do yall truly believe Springer and Johnson are one and done?

    I don't like it, but I agree.
  14. volahoma

    John Fulkerson Injury

    I remember well Lofton's Senior year and all the grief he was given about not playing up to expectations. Turned out he was recovering from cancer. I'm not saying the same thing is going on with Fulky, but I wondered all season if he is dealing with something none of us knows about. Just saying...
  15. volahoma

    Is Grant doing double duty?

    I'm sorry some found my post inappropriate. I was only trying to add a bit of levity. For what it is worth and for the curious here is a link to Grant Williams, baseball player. Grant Williams Stats, Highlights, Bio | Stats | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball I know it is two...
  16. volahoma

    Is Grant doing double duty?

    Is Grant playing SS for the Red Sox as well as Forward for the Celtics? Check out this partial screen shot from today's game. If this is deleted, I'm ok with that.
  17. volahoma

    Plavsic denied by NCAA

  18. volahoma

    Lamonte Turner out for the season

    Bummer for him and the team.
  19. volahoma

    Article featuring Grant

    Countdown to Celtics Camp: Who will be the Celtics' most impactful rookie?

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